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Fresh off Killogy in which he cast real life actors in the roles of the comic, creator Alan Robert is gearing up to bring us an Archangel in his new series, The Shunned One. Debuting in 2014 from IDW Publishing, the comic will center on an Angel of Death who goes rogue after being ordered to take innocent lives. Free from the shackles of his superiors, he sets out to carry out his own judgment on human beings, based on their actions instead of where their names appear on the Death List. The unsanctioned murders he commits disrupt the balance within the universe, causing a series of disasters spiraling out of control. He now hides amongst the humans while attempting to undo the damage he's caused.

“This will definitely be my darkest series to date,” says Robert. “The tragedies in Newtown and Aurora really hit home for me. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain those families are going through. I suppose The Shunned One is my subconscious reaction to events like that—just trying to cope with all this death and my worst fears in my own way.”
“I’m happy to once again put my life in Alan Robert’s hands in the form of his latest series for IDW,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Office/Editor-in-Chief. “As he’s proven with his numerous series for us already, he’s an expert at telling dark, fantastical tales, and The Shunned One, featuring the Angel of Death himself, is only the latest reason we’re happy to keep walking into dark territory with him.”

This is the fourth horror series that Robert has done with IDW Publishing. The previous being Wire Hangers, Crawl to Me (which I loved), and Killogy. The first two are already being developed into feature films and I wouldn't be surprised in the third gets the big screen treatment sooner or later.

Alan Robert does everything in his comics short of assembling the physical book itself, so I'm excited to see what he does with The Shunned One. Judging from the preview artwork above, it looks like he's altered his art style once again to come up with a look that will be unique to this story.

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