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We are in desperate need for more all-ages or kid-friendly horror comics.  Fortunately, Oni Press is set to up that number a bit with the release of Alabaster Shadows, a graphic novel set to debut in December from Matt Gardner and Rashad Doucet that’s packed with monsters.

Alabaster Shadows seems like a perfect neighborhood at first.  Gorgeous houses, two car garages, friendly neighbors.  When Carter moves into the area with his family he begins to notice that something horrific is lurking just beneath the surface.  What makes matters worse is that his child-hating teacher is in on it.  Now it’s up to him and his friends to battle dark, Cthulhu-like terrors that are too frightening for adults to handle.


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Artist Rashad Doucet adds, “What can I say about this book… it's a tribute to everything we love about big hair, monsters, and kid adventure films from the 80's. Also I can't seem stop myself from drawing giant afros.”

I love everything about this.  It looks like a fun comic filled with adventure that anyone can dive into and enjoy.  We’ve got a bit of a wait for it though as Alabaster Shadows isn't slated for release until December 9th, 2015.





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