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American Mythology Productions has been gaining a lot of traction of late with new titles and licenses.  The publisher has announced that 2017 will be its “Year of Horror” kicking off with a new Dark line of comics such as Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs later this year.  Next up is the continuation of Adam Green's Hatchet.  The slasher trilogy featuring Victor Crowley will find new life in comics beginning next year.

The publisher promises to deliver the gore and bloodshed that fans know and love from the franchise while also exploring new aspects of Victor Crowley's bloody past.  So far Andrew Mangum has signed on to provide interior artwork.  Greg LaRocque, Buz Hasson, and Ken Haesser will be providing covers.  It's not clear who will be writing the book or what involvement Green may have in its creation.

“ArieScope Pictures has set a new benchmark for slasher horror over the course of the last decade that has left fans of their movies craving for more,” said Michael Bornstein, American Mythology Productions publisher. “They’ve hit a niche with a hard-core horror fan-base that was really a no-brainer for us at American Mythology to jump on board with. Blending comedy, horror, and classic one-liners, the Hatchet series is the perfect fit for us as we launch a new line of horror comics next year.  We’re looking to throw a total fear fest for fans starting this spring, and Victor Crowley is just the guy we want at the door greeting guests as we kick this off. Let’s just hope he leaves his belt sander at home.”

I saw Hatchet awhile back and didn't care for it much then.  I'm willing to give it another chance though, especially in comic form.  No specific release date has been provided, nor has any artwork been revealed just yet.  We'll have more when it comes through.


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