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Action Lab Entertainment has announced their latest digital first series as Scum of the Earth, a grindhouse / sci-fi mash-up featuring a pair of homicidal rednecks.  Released through the publisher's mature imprint, Danger Zone, the mini-series follows Laura and True as they travel throughout the Southern U.S. leaving a bloody trail of murder and mayhem behind them.  Is the only thing capable of stopping this rampage from out of this world?

The comic has been described as Natural Born Killers meets The Terminator which is enough to pull me in.  Writer Mark Bertolini describes Laura and true as “Total scumbags, thrill-killers, out to get their kicks by causing a ton of chaos on the backroads of the South. Like Bonnie and Clyde but with less empathy, if that’s even possible. Sometimes you dictate what characters do, and sometimes they make up their own minds.  Laura and True are most definitely in the latter column. And what they do isn’t particularly nice ”

Artist Rob Croonenborghs added “I’d like to say they’ll get theirs…but that would be telling…”

The first two issues of Scum of the Earth are available now through ComiXology with the third and final issue on its way.  Each chapter is only $0.99 so you can't really go wrong.



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