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Have $500 lying around you are itching to spend? Well ACME Studio can help you out! They have announced the Dracula Limited Edition Pen Set, commemorating the 100th anniversary of author Bram Stoker's death. With a run of just 999 fountain pens, the set includes an interchangeable roller ball option for those of us that have not time for fancy fountain writing. For $500, you should get more than just a pen (with a roller ball option), and ACME agrees. The pen spends its days lying in a coffin that, when opened, plays the haunting melody of Bach's "Fugue in ‘D’ Minor". In addition, the set includes a bottle of blood red ink, a red refill, and the entire set is encased in a Dracula.

“We were so thrilled and honored to translate Bram Stoker’s classic tale into a limited-edition pen for our collection,” said Adrian Olabuenaga, co-founder of ACME Studio. “Each little detail was so exciting to craft, from the blood-red ink color to the haunting music that plays when the coffin is opened. We wanted to create something that would honor Bram’s memory while adding a touch of fun and spookiness – and just in time for Halloween!”

The Dracula Limited Edition Pen Set will be available from mid-August through ACME Studio retailers, and hot damn do I want one of these suckers. (No pun intended.)

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