Lenore 8 CoverFresh off of the 20th anniversary celebration of 2012, creator Roman Dirge is ready to shake things up for Lenore and her friends.  He's revealed that he plans to kill one of them off in an upcoming four part series from Titan Comics.  

Beginning on March 28th, 2013, one of the lovable undead monstrosities that pal around with Lenore has a target on their back.  The fun begins in Lenore #8 in which a fight-to-the-death starts up between two of the main characters.  Who will live?  Who will die?  You'll have to buy the comic to find out.  Duh.  I'm not going to tell you here.

A film crew from the "Ghosty Toasty" TV show shows up at Lenore's mansion looking for ghouls and they find more than just a Ray Parker song.  The storyline will also reveal the truth behind the mask of Taxidermy (Lenore's most mysterious and sinister character) including his history which dates back to ancient Egypt.

“There will be an insane battle." says Dirge. "I have already started designing the town of Nevermore, just so they can destroy it!” 


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Lenore #8 will be available at your local comic shop and via comiXology on March 28th, 2013.  The book will feature two separate covers, both drawn by Roman Dirge.  You can check those out above.

Who do you think will bite the big one with this new storyline?  Plus, can a character that's undead really die?


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