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Back in July we reported that 6 Degrees of Hell would be hitting the shelves on October 30th. It looks like that got a slight push because it will now be released on Blu-ray and DVD on November 27th by Breaking Glass Pictures. Directed by Joe Raffa (You'll Know My Name), the film stars Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys, The Goonies), Jill Whelan (The Love Boat), Brian Anthony Wilson (Limitless), Faust Checho (The Fields), newcomers Nikki Bell, Kyle Patrick Brennan, Ashley Sumner, Nicole Cinaglia, David J. Bonner and Raffa himself.

In Northeast Pennsylvania, "Uncle Jack's Hotel of Horror" is besieged by a dark presence after two friends of "Uncle" Jack, Chris and Kellen, unwittingly release a deadly evil by transporting local psychic Mary Wilkins' collection of haunted objects as props for the popular tourist attraction. At the same time, a local TV ghost hunter, confronts an evil that has haunted him all his life-one he believes is responsible for his sister's death years ago.

His search puts him in the path of a rogue police chief and June, a girl who seems to be the eye of this supernatural perfect storm. They all find themselves connected to the old hotel while the threads of their own personal horrors draw paranormal investigator Kyle Brenner (Feldman) to pull all the threads together.

MSRP for the Blu-ray will be $29.99 and for the DVD $24.99. Special features include "The Making of 6 Degrees of Hell", "Behind the Scenes with Corey Feldman", "The Real Hotel of Horror Walkthrough", "The World Premiere of 6 Degrees of Hell" and more.

If you can't wait for the DVD, 6 Degrees of Hell is currently in a limited theatrical rollout, including a week-long run in New York starting on Halloween night. Check here to see if it's playing near you.


Now I know some of you are excited to see Feldman in this, and really, I can't blame you. He's been in a lot of great movies. But not me. I'm all about Jill Whelan. She played Vicki on The Love Boat! Oh the crush I had on her and Julie (Lauren Tewes) when I was a child. How I would look forward to seeing my ladies on the Love Boat on Saturday nights back in the day, followed by an always-excellent episode of Fantasy Island. I was living large. Don't you dare judge me.


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