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We just received news that Cult actor Bobby Rhodes, best known as Tony the Pimp in Lambert Bava's Demons, is working on a new film with Serbian director Alex Madia Levi. Titled 6Dana66Godina (Serbian for "6 days 66 years"), it also boasts Rhodes' Demons co-star Geretta Geretta, genre actor Joe Zaso and special FX artist Miroslav Lakobrija who worked on A Serbian Film. Associate producer is Milan Todorovic, who directed Serbia's first zombie movie, Zone of the Dead.

Alex Madia Levi, making his directorial debut, says of the project, "6Dana66Godina is a horror story that digs its roots in Serbian history during World War II. At its core, 6Dana66Godina reflects the dangers of evil coming back to haunt us in today’s society.

For my directorial debut in a feature film, I wanted a great script with a unique story that would allow me to explore the idea of supernatural forces and mental turmoil in a human being as the expression of the corrupted morals and the impossibility to express our feelings we must face on a daily basis.

The idea came from a trip to Serbia, where after listening to many accounts of urban legends and real family tragedies, I decided to find out more about the horror of Nazi decimation of the Serbian population during WWII.

I started working on the script soon after my return to the UK and found a real obstacle: the description of murders and killings. So I had the fortune to team up with Michael Rodriguez as my co-writer to give the story a real horror feel, exploiting his natural talent in describing gore and his incredible knowledge of the horror genre. 6Dana66Godina will also give me the opportunity to humbly attempt to bring a fresh new look to the horror genre, trying to unite the emulation of the styles of classic filmmakers I admire and a very personal obsession with character exploration and visual virtuosity.

It will be a great experience directing and producing 6Dana66Godina, working with such an amazing cast and crew, hoping to leave an important yet humble legacy within the horror genre for the new generation of aficionados."


Sasha Milosevic (Milorad Kapor) is a wealthy young businessman from L.A. who receives an inheritance from his homeland of Serbia, following his grandfather’s death. Unwillingly he decides to go back to the country after 18 years of separation and cut all the ties with it where he decides to buy a derelict house in the woods and convert it into a holiday resort, only to find out that the estate was used by the Nazi soldiers to perpetuate tortures and murders during WWII.

Sasha eventually stumbles into Sava (Bobby Rhodes), an ex-secret services officer who tries to scare him off from buying the house and adventure into the woods with stories of ghosts and eventually meets Jasmina, an old childhood friend; she, like Sava, wants Sasha to ditch the idea of buying the house in the woods, telling him more terrifying ghost stories linked to it, including the murder of Sava’s daughter, Ana.

All the tales bring back unresolved issues for Sasha; his tragic past comes back to haunt him. He will have to face the truth about his mother’s death: she was one of the many victims killed in the woods over the years. To be precise, 66 years. And he was there when it happened. Moreover the killings only occur every 6 years on the 6th of June and last for 6 full days: “6 DANA, 66 GODINA” (in Serbian: 6 days, 66 years).

Jasmina takes Sasha to see the place where his mother was killed and eventually opens up about her parents’ murder as well. He also agrees to meet Sava, who tells him about the stories behind the woods. Sasha does not seem convinced yet and despite his resistance he decides to meet Nemanja, Jasmina’s grandfather, an old man who fought in WWII, and ask him more about the secrets of the woods. The meeting will change everything and Sasha eventually decides to face the truth and join forces with Sava in order to try and destroy evil yet one last time. But it won’t be easy.

He will discover Satanic rituals, evil forces and strange twists of fate. All happening over 6 days, 66 years after the first ever killing in the woods...

Links: Official Site | Facebook

Sounds like fun, we'll keep you posted with any further developments. In the meantime, check out the concept trailers below.








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