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From now until Tuesday, November 3rd, you can download an insane amount of digital comics from Top Cow Productions through Humble Bundle for almost whatever price you want.  In case you're unfamiliar with the service, Humble Bundle puts together these great groupings of books and games using a pay-what-you-want model.  The funds are split between the site, the publisher / developer, and a charity.  You get to decide how the money is split up.  If you pay anything, you get a certain batch of titles, but if you pay above the average or a minimum threshold (usually $15), you'll get everything.  The Top Cow Bundle is no different.  This is a pretty stellar group though and I wanted to highlight a few reasons why you should be checking this out.

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1. Volume – This is the largest amount of books ever assembled in one Humble Bundle.  There are 43 graphic novels and 14 single issues included.  That will keep you busy for at least the rest of the winter. New and old titles are in the mix too, so you have the chance to get caught up on some current books like Aphrodite IX or Postal as well as old favorites like The Darkness.

2. Charity – This Humble Bundle benefits two charities that are incredibly important to the comic book industry: The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Hero Initiative.  The former protects everyone from creators and publishers to readers and librarians from the threat of censorship, working to monitor and challenge laws that might limit the First Amendment.  They literally protect our right to read what we want.  The next time you hear about some idiot college kid saying that Sandman should be banned from college campuses, know that the CBLDF is on the case.  The Hero Initiative on the other hand works to help comic creators in need.  While this industry is great and the people in it are capable of making some truly amazing things, there isn't a union or pension involved in the comic business.  Writers and artists can fall on hard times, especially in old age, and the Hero Initiative works to help those folks, giving back to people that have brought joy to millions of others through their work.

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3. Witchblade – Just in case you didn't know, the long-running Top Cow series, Witchblade, is coming to a close with issue #185, slated for release in November.  The Humble Bundle includes fourteen (14) Witchblade graphic novels.  That alone would be worth the price.  If you’re new to the title – and a speed reader – you can get a quick background on Sara Pezzini before she gives up the Witchblade for good.  Of note here is that the solid run that Ron Marz had on the title, encompassing Witchblade Volumes 1 – 8 and Witchblade: Redemption: Volumes 1 – 4.  When he started writing the book, it really took it to a whole new level.  There are also four volumes of The Darkness and six volumes of Artifacts that take place in the same universe.

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4. IXth Generation – This book takes place in the same universe as Witchblade and has been going in some really cool directions lately.  If Witchblade is the supernatural / spiritual side of the Top Cow Universe, IXth Generation (along with Aphrodite IX and Cyber Force) is the technological side.  The book jumps far ahead in the future where Aphrodite IX now wields the Witchblade.  Other artifacts pop up and start to destroy this seemingly perfect utopia that has been created on Earth.  You can get the first six issues in this batch, along with a few tie-in one-shots, plus the Aphrodite IX series which serves as a pre-cursor to the book.

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5. Postal – Matt Hawkins has been writing up a storm at Top Cow.  You'll find his name on a number of these books (in addition to serving as the President and COO).  There have been a number of...I don't want to call them experimental, but the books are unlike anything else you're going to see on the stands today, like The Tithe (included here), which is about a hacker group hellbent on robbing corrupt mega-churches.  Postal is another in that vein, set in the small town of Eden, Wyoming.  It's a peaceful town where crime is non-existent...until someone is murdered that is.  It turns out the little town has a secret.  Everyone living there is a fugitive, waiting on their new identities to come through before moving on.  It's a tight story that will pull you right in.  Get in now before the second story arc begins in November.

So there you go.  Five reasons you should check out the Top Cow Humble Bundle.  As a reminder, this is a pay-what-you-want bundle.  You can literally get every book in this collection for $15 right now.  That's the bare minimum you need to pay to get them all.  With the amount of quality content in here and the fact that a portion goes to those great charities, you should probably pony up a few dollars more though.



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