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Valiant Entertainment has a slate of new comics coming over the next few months. One that's coming a little sooner rather than later is Punk Mambo #0, written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Robert Gill. The book will explore the origins of New Orleans' most unorthodox practioner of the dark arts on November 19th. Check out the write-up and a five page preview below:


From a posh girls' boarding the slimy gutter of the London punk sniffing voodoo glue in a Louisiana swamp, how did Shadowman's black magic bon vivant haul herself from the upper crust to the backwater of the Big Easy's voodoo underground? Punk Mambo is about to head back home to spread some much-needed anarchy in the UK...and confront the ghosts of her past head on! The punks and the voodoo priests she used to know have cleaned themselves up, and she's a loud, belching ghost from their past, come to break in the new furniture...and break some faces!


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The issue will feature covers from Russell Dauterman, Rian Hughes, and Kalman Andrasofszky. Punk Mambo #0 debuts on November 19th 2014.












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