44FLOOD recently joined forces with IDW Publishing.  The companies have announced their first title to be published under this partnership, entitled Libretto.  The first volume, set for release in April 2014, has the theme of vampirism and will be edited and curated by 44FLOOD CEO Kasra Ghanbari.  The term “libretto” refers to the part of an opera or a musical that is the words or lyrics and is distinct from the music.  In this case, the Libretto book with be the “text” to the music that is the theme.  Something tells me this won't be a comic filled with big dudes punching other big dudes.

The theme of vampirism doesn't refer to pasty bloodsuckers who sleep in coffins.  Instead it's referencing the misuse of power, as well as the objectification and exploitation of others.  Libretto will allow featured contributors to provide their unique perspectives on this theme.  Many sections will include an interview with the contributor conducted by another artist.  


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“We’re excited to have Libretto launch our partnership with IDW,” said Ghanbari, “Libretto has both narrative and symbolic works, comic book panels and gallery paintings, alchemical approaches and comedy. It celebrates the ability of art to affect the way we consider and see the world.”

Libretto will be a 200-page softcover featuring work from contributors including Ben Templesmith, David Stoupakis, Riley Rossmo, Christopher Mitten, George Pratt, menton3, and many more.  Also included within the book are some looks at the techniques and processes some of the artists used to create their pieces.  

I'm excited to see what comes from the partnership between 44FLOOD and IDW Publishing, although Libretto sounds very familiar.  It bears a striking resemblance to TOME, the first book published by 44FLOOD and funded via Kickstarter.  The page count, theme, and sample contributors are all the same.  The big difference will come in the type of book as the crowd-funded version was an oversized hardcover while this is a softcover.  Regardless, this sounds like a really unique idea that can bring some much needed sophistication to the medium.


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