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Hardcore Co-Op Horror Action-FPS Announced 

Studio: 10 Chambers Collective
Available on: TBC
Release: TBC

Nowadays, if you're lucky, you don't need to show all that much of your game to create hype. This was certainly the case for Ulf Andersson, the co-creator of the Payday: The Heist series, who recently revealed the name of his debut title after leaving Overkill Software with a mysterious trailer; a game called GTFO.

GTFO, which I'm assuming is the well-known acronym for "Get the f*ck out", is described as a "four-player hardcore co-op action horror FPS." There's very little else that we know about the game right now, so I'll let Andersson tell you the rest:

“In GTFO, you and your friends will explore hostile and terrifying environments where, in an instant, you are thrown from edge-of-your-seat suspense to frantic action. It’s a large-scale experience, testing players in their ability to gear up and adapt to an endless string of unknown and ever-changing challenges.”

“Every expedition in GTFO is unique and the game lets you make informed decisions on what equipment and weapons to bring – but even then survival is not guaranteed. GTFO throws so many curveballs and unknown factors at you that you and your team always have to stay on your toes – and the atmosphere is suffocatingly tense.”

Well, I'm interested. We'll be sure to let you know more about GTFO when there's more to share, but, in the meantime, keep an eye on the game's website, Facebook and Twitter. If you're not interested, GTFO.


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