Thirst DVD Review

Review written by Peter West

DVD released by Elite Entertainment


Directed by Rod Hardy
Written by John Pinkney
1979, Region 1 (NTSC), 96 minutes, Rated R
DVD released on February 4th, 2003

Chantal Contouri as Kate Davis
Shirley Cameron as Mrs. Cameron
Max Phipps as Mr. Hodge
Henry Silva as Dr. Gauss
Rod Mullinar as Derek
David Hemmings as Dr. Fraser
Rosie Sturgess as Lori
Robert Thompson as Sean
Walter Pym as Dichter
Amanda Muggleton as Martha
Lulu Pinkus as Nurse



Kate Davis (Chantal Contouri), while planning a extended holiday, is unaware she is being watched by a cult of modern day vampires! These vampires believe Kate is a direct descendant of Elizabeth Bathory (from the movie Daughters of Darkness, for which this movie is loosely based) and possesses a hereditary "thirst" for blood. Kate is abducted and brought to a dairy farm for indoctrination to bring out her hidden thirst! Unlike a normal dairy, this one, run by the cult, uses humans as "cows"! Headed by Doctors Fraser (distinguished British actor David Hemmings) and Gauss (veteran U.S. heavy Henry Silva) the cult carries out pyschological and chemical brainwashing on Kate to bring out her ancestral appetite for human blood.

Kate puts up strong resistance, even escaping for a brief period, which results in the death of a neighboring farmer (Walter Pym, who has a face that makes for some intriguing closeups). The chief brainwasher, Mrs. Cameron, has little faith in Kate converting. Throughout the movie she battles with Dr. Fraser about intensifying the treatments. Dr. Fraser on the other hand starts to develope an attachment to Kate, becoming the reluctant heavy in the movie! Finally Kate breaks down and in a satanic ceremony of blood lust, acquires the "thirst"!

Returned to society, Kate has troubles controlling her thirst and is taken back to the "farm" after biting her boyfriend on the neck. The cult is split on how to handle Kate and Dr. Fraser takes matters into his own hands...or does he?



I had never seen Thirst prior to receiving this DVD, and I am very thankful Elite sent it to me to review. I really enjoyed this film! It has a very well crafted story, great cinematography, a captivating soundtrack, and outstanding performances by the cast. The special effects were very good for the late 70's, although timid by today's standards. Much of the cast of Patrick is in this film, including Patrick himself (Robert Thompson). Chantal Contouri's performance is outstanding as the suffering and tortured Kate. I hope Elite brings us more gems from this dark-eyed Greek beauty! The film she made prior to this was "Snapshot" (billed as They Thought It Was Over But The Real Horror Began... The Day After Halloween) may be a good suggestion! I give this movie a strong recommendation to purchase, several times I have played the isolated music track as background music at home!


Video and Audio:

Thirst is presented in an anamorphic 2.35:1 widescreen. The movie is in remarkably great shape for a 24 year film of modest budget! I was tremendously impressed by that. Another fantasic job by Elite Entertainment! Thirst looks as good today if not better then when it graced the Australian screens back in 1979.


The movie includes a Spanish dubbed track to compliment the native English one. Although not indicated on the specifications, I suspect both are Dolby Digital mono tracks. Sharp, clear, and crisp; The music is very captivating and as a extra bonus, Elite includes a isolated music score on the DVD.


Special Features:

  • Theatrical Trailer
  • T.V. Spots
  • Filmographies
  • Commentary Track with Director Rod Hardy and Producer Antony I. Ginnane
  • Isolated Music Score
  • Photo Gallery

As usual, Elite goes all out on the extras! Trailers, Television spots, Filmographies and Photo Galleries! This DVD is loaded. The commentary track with director Rod Hardy and producer Antony I. Ginnane (who also produced Patrick) is a very interesting listen. Informative and really a lot of fun just to hear those "Aussie" accents. It provides a lot of facts behind the movie and production stories about the cast!

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Movie: Fivestars
Video: Fivestars
Audio: Fourstars
Features: Fivestars
Overall: Fivestars


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