The Swinging Cheerleaders DVD Review

Reviewed by Peter West

DVD released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Directed by Jack Hill
Written by Betty Conklin and Jane Witherspoon

Jo Johnston as Kate
Colleen Camp as Mary Ann
Ric Carrott as Ross
Jack Denton as Coach Turner
Ron Hajek as Buck
Rosanne Katon as Lisa
Mae Mercer as Jessica Thorpe
Bob Minor as Ryan
John Quade as Belski
Ian Sander as Ron
Rainbeaux Smith as Andrea
Jason Sommers as Prof. Thorpe
George Wallace as Mr. Putnam


We move from the High School scene to Mesa College, CA in this the third entry in Anchor Bay's "Cheerleaders" collection. Mesa College is finally having a winning football season and cheerleaders Mary Ann, Lisa, and Andrea, decide to hold tryouts to increase their ranks. Dean Putnam and Coach Turner have other plans on capitalizing on the football team's winning ways! An aspiring journalist, Kate, (Jo Johnston) decides to try out. However, she does have a secret agenda. Mary Ann's boyfriend team hero Buck seems to take more than a passing interest in Kate which leads her to try to veto Kate making the squad. Lisa and Andrea correctly choose Kate as their new cheerleader and they all celebrate at the local burger shop. After a brief interruption from a streaker (does anybody even remember that fad anymore?), Buck lets his fingers do the walking on Lisa's thighs while she puts her lips around a pretty thick hoagie!

Additional subplots include Kate's desire to write a exploitation story about the cheerleaders, egged on by her current nerd boyfriend Ron. Andrea (Rainbeaux Smith) has her own problem with her boyfriend Ross trying to pop her cherry and her fears about having sex. Lisa has her own issues with a very married Professor Thorpe, who is insisting he will leave his wife soon for the beautiful coed!

Coach Turner starts manipulating final scores much to the dismay of the starters, who wonder why the second string players are going in so soon. Buck the starting quarterback decides he wants to score with the new cheerleader, Kate. Ron, feeling left out, corrupts an innocent Andrea and when she can't get enough calls all his buddies to come over to get in on the action! After finding Andrea passed out and gang banged, Ross nobly avenges her honor by turning Ron into a bloody mess. Retaliating Ron then turns over Kate's discarded expose on the cheerleaders to Mary Ann who has recently announced her engagement to Buck, much to his surprise! Mary Ann then posts the unfinished essay on the bulletin board for all to read, thus turning Kate into a pariah.

Jessica Thorpe, the Professor's wife, tries to make a point with Lisa to leave her man alone! Kate gets a little friendly with Coach Turner and discovers his plot to shave points off the games. Dean Putnam and his cronies invite Buck to get in on the action of making dough from the games, but Buck refuses! A false arrest results in Buck getting a little Southern Comfort the hard way. Kate rounds up the team and the girls to save Buck and get him to the final game! Will they succeed? Do you really care? Find out in the thrilling conclusion of The Swinging Cheerleaders!


Technically speaking, this may be the best of the three "Cheerleader" movies in the collection. It has a well written plot, good storylines, and even a very good cast. It returns to some of the taboo subject matter of teacher/student relations as The Cheerleaders so tantalized us with! Rosanne Katon who has the role of the infatuated student Lisa was Playboy Playmate of the Month in 1978. The sex scenes are a little less graphic, I think because of director Jack Hill's reservations more than the morals of the time when it was filmed. Once again Rainbeaux Smith is pregnant during filming! Although not as noticeable as in Revenge of the Cheerleaders, director Hill does mention in the commentary that her condition does "favorably enhance" her bosom. Her condition does make her scene with Ron saying she is not ready for sex yet a little laughable! A major disappointment is that Colleen Camp does not do any nude scenes, considering how healthy she is in this film, Hill missed a major chance to further entertain us! The duo of Bob Minor (maybe the most well known and respected stuntman in Hollywood now) and John Quade (frequent Clint Eastwood movie regular) are great as the Campus Police arresting Buck for possession! There's certainly enough in this film to make it a very enjoyable movie.

Video and Audio:

The Swinging Cheerleaders is presented in a non-anamorphic 1.66:1 widescreen. The print is remarkably clean and almost free of damage. There is some stock footage of a real football team (looks like the Oregon Duques to me) and some game action which is not in as good shape, but this must have been like that even when the film was released. My rating 4/5

A very standard Dolby digital mono soundtrack graces this film. It's clear, sharp and very 70's. Notice the screenshot above of the machine with a large black disc on it. That is a phonograph, also commonly referred to as a "record player."

Special Features:

  • TV Spot
  • Audio Commentary with Director Jack Hill and Film Historian Johnny Legend

A little short compared to the first two in the collection. The entertaining commentary by Hill and Legend makes up for it. Hill was a first rate director and Legend (the man who brought us "Breakfast with Blassie") is a well known expert in the cult genre.


Movie: 4 Stars
Video: 4 Stars
Audio: 3.5 Stars
Features: 3.5 Stars
Overall: 4 Stars


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