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Porkchop II: Rise of the Rind DVD Review

Written by Jennifer Turner

DVD released by Independent Entertainment


Porkchop Ii Rise Of The Rind 01


Written and directed by Eamon Hardiman
2011, Region 1 (NTSC), 80 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on September 25th, 2012

Sam Qualiana as Simon Robertson
Angela Pritchett as Meg
Rob Cobb as Porkchop


Porkchop Ii Rise Of The Rind 02 Porkchop Ii Rise Of The Rind 03




When I first started watching this movie, I was sure that someone had sent me a dirty movie by mistake. I spent the rest of the film wishing that had been the case. Porkchop II: Rise of the Rind is bad and not in the so bad it's good kind of way.

Porkchop centers around Simon, a teenager who moves to a small West Virginia town. He just happens to move into a house belonging to Pork Chop, a psycho who wears a pig mask, hence the title. He meets Meg, a local girl who is bizarrely obsessed with the killer. Like every teen horror movie in existence, he attracts the hatred of the local bullies. Meg encourages him to throw a party in an attempt to win them over.

For a slasher there is not a lot of slashing. There are numerous completely unnecessary scenes that do not move the plot at all. For instance, a ten-minute discussion of blood in urine or Simon being forced to go to school in women's clothing. It's not all bad though, this film has a dark sense of humor and there are some good one-liners. The funniest  belong to a couple of effeminate rednecks who are the self-proclaimed guards against Porkchop. These characters' few scenes are ten times better than anything else the film has to offer.

The kills are redundant, there are three similar scenes where a teen couple hang out in the woods and get slaughtered. I did like one death scene involving a tiki torch, the special effects are rather good for a film with such a low budget.

The ending is completely out of left field with no real build up. I actually had to rewind the movie because of how abruptly it was wrapped up. Simon, the main character of the film, disappears mid-movie and his fate is left up in the air. This will hopefully be revealed in Porkchop 3D, the sad thing is I am not making this up.

Porkchop II is reminiscent of Troll 2 with its lack of coherent plot and amateur acting. The movie is the very definition of low budget. There is this constant annoying banjo background music that obscures half the dialogue, not that you are missing anything important. You can't pigeonhole this film into any particular genre, it's a hybrid of comedy, "horror", and yes, even a musical. This film has musical numbers, painful, awkward musical numbers that would make Simon Cowell weep in despair. The real question was whether this film was made in jest or if these poor people were making a serious attempt at filmmaking.


Porkchop Ii Rise Of The Rind 04 Porkchop Ii Rise Of The Rind 05


Video and Audio:


The video is just dull looking and not very high quality. It comes off like someone's home video.

As I mentioned above, the background music obscures the dialogue in many scenes.


Porkchop Ii Rise Of The Rind 06 Porkchop Ii Rise Of The Rind 07


Special Features:


Special features include a movie commentary which I found to be extremely boring, there are no real insights to the film nor did the commentators bring anything new to the movie. There is also an equally boring behind-the-scenes featurette that consists of random chatter from the cast that is practically inaudible at times. It's more like someone's boring home videos than an actual featurette


Porkchop Ii Rise Of The Rind 08 Porkchop Ii Rise Of The Rind 09




Movie: Onestar Porkchop Ii Rise Of The Rind Amazon Us
Video: Twostars
Audio: Onestar
Features: Onestar
Overall: Onestar












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