Machines of Love and Hate DVD Review


Reviewed by Peter West


DVD released by Cinema Image Productions



Written and Directed by Joseph F. Parda

2003, Region 1 (NTSC), 118 minutes, Not Rated

DVD released on October 25th, 2005


Eileen Daly as Cynthia Marks
Milton Haynes as Old Man
Roland Johnson as Alexander Marks
Tina Krause as Erika Marks
Devon Mikolas as Kelvin Marks
David Runco as Jean-Charles



Movie (from Cinema Image):


A mysterious hitchhiker, who can only remember nightmarish fragments of his past, is hit by a car driven by a beautiful, but deeply troubled, young woman. Taken to her isolated country home to recuperate, he is introduced to her sexually repressed mother and wheelchair-bound father. Here, in this dysfunctional house of horrors, will his past, present, and future, intersect with the family's own dark secrets to bring forth a conclusion filled with supernatural phenomena, blasphemous resurrection, and apocalyptic revelations.





Cinema Image has to be doing some of the most radical and intriguing indie films in the greater NYC area. I really don't know what to expect next when I hear from them. Machines of Love and Hate is one really strange film that you really have to watch a couple of times to figure out. Even then some of it may not make sense, but then is that the important part anyway?


As with his previous films Parda recruits local actors with plenty of theatrical background. Combine that with the talents of the one and only Eileen Daly, Machines of Love and Hate has a feel that is far bigger than it's budget. David Runco gives a fine performance as Jean-Charles, the mysterious hitchhiker. When a young man shows up on the scene at a home where the husband is in a wheelchair and there's a young daughter (Tina Krause) and sexually frustrated wife (Daly) there's going to be some hot action and definitely there is! Roland Johnson hams it up as the chairbound Alexander Marks, who has to watch this all happen and is powerless to stop it. You just know that nothing good is going to come from this...


Machines of Love and Hate is good Friday night viewing. There's mystery, suspense, gore, hot chicks naked and last but not least, one dead clown...


Video and Audio:


Machines of Love and Hate is presented in a 1.85:1 non anamorphic widescreen. Overall it's one of the better quality indie flicks that I've reviewed lately. The image is consistent and stable.


A Dolby 2.0 stereo soundtrack scored by Function Zero works well with the film. They're a staple of Cinema Image's films and do not disappoint.



Special Features:


There's trailers of other releases from Cinema Image as well as a still gallery from the film. Eileen Daly's talent bio is also included. The big extra is a 25 minute film in B&W from Joe Parda called Szamota's Mistress. It's another excellent bit of indie film-making starring the incomparable Joe Zaso and vivacious Tina Krause in a short and sweet sexual fantasy.





Movie: 4 Stars
Video: 4 Stars
Audio: 4 Stars
Features: 4 Stars
Overall: 4 Stars




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