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I'll Bury You Tomorrow DVD Review


Review by Peter West

DVD released by Heretic Films





Written and directed by Alan Rowe Kelly

2002, Region 1 (NTSC), 119 minutes, Not rated

DVD released on May 31st, 2005


Zoe Daelman Chlanda as Dolores Finley
Bill Corry as Percival Beech
Katherine O'Sullivan as Nettie Beech
Jerry Murdock as Jake/Mitch Geraldi
Kristen Overdurf as Ellen Gallagher
Renee West as Tina Clark
Alan Rowe Kelly as Corey Nichols







In the small town of Port Oram, funeral home employees Jake the janitor and Corey the make-up artist have been making a good living selling bodies and body parts. With his brother Mitch as the Sheriff, their escapades go unnoticed. Enter Dolores Finley, a strange young woman who has answered an ad for a job at the Beech Funeral Home. Percival and Nettie Beech hire her immediately, both noticing the strong resemblance to their late daughter. Dolores has her own ideas for the bodies that come to the home.


When the brother of Mitch's girlfriend dies in a tragic auto accident, interests collide as Dolores decides to replace her "lover in a trunk" with the fresh corpse. An unholy alliance comes about between Jake and Dolores as they both try to satisfy their needs with the corpses and keep it all hidden from the authorities. However, Dolores has more demons in her past than that of just loving the dead!


From the twisted mind of Alan Rowe Kelly, I'll Bury You Tomorrow is a dark comedy that will keep you jumping and laughing throughout!







Here's where I stop acting like a reviewer and act more like a fan. While attending HorrorFind Weekend outside of Baltimore last weekend I got to meet the crew of I'll Bury You Tomorrow and they were generous enough to give me the DVD to review. It was a stroke of luck that I did not envision looking at it from face value. This is one great little independent flick. Alan Rowe Kelly told me while chatting that The Blair Witch Project inspired him to make this film. Well, he has surpassed it by miles! Sure, this film has a few warts, etcetera. However, that is far outweighed by the script and the direction. This is probably the most original "homage" to horror films that I've seen in a long time. The casting is great as well, too. From the main characters to even the bit parts, there are laughs to be had. From the priest with half his face scarred to "Olive the Goth Nurse", it's all over the top. Matthew Broderick should take a good look at Olive, Sarah Jessica may look that way in 40+ years...


Without spoiling much of the plot, I can say you won't know what to expect next from Jake (Jerry Murdock) and Dolores (Zoe Daelman Chlanda). Their first kill at a strip bar after teaming up has the best laugh in the movie. Jerry Murdock play two roles, one as Mitch the Randolph-Scott-type Sheriff hero, who's really straight-faced and dull. The second character he plays is Jake the despicable villain, who is vulgar and grimy and really steals the show. As director Kelly says frequently, he saved the movie! Zoe Daelman Chlanda portrayal of Dolores shows a promise and talent far above anything her resume may indicate. Shy, scared, loving, angry, Zoe can turn these on and off at will! Her sudden fits of anger brought back images of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction shouting "I will not be ignored". Combining the homicidal tendencies with sudden lines of comedy, her performance is as breathtaking as she is beautiful.


I'll Bury You Tomorrow is a classic indy gem, that if not for a chance encounter I never would have heard of. I'm damn glad I did though! It may be a little hard to find, I do suggest you do some searching and check this one out.




Video and Audio:


Presented in a non-anamorphic widescreen (it appears to be 1.85:1), I'll Bury You Tomorrow has a better than average picture for a low budget movie. Though shot on Digital Video, the movie does have that grainy look of a 60's 16mm film, but for the most part it's a positive. As with any low budget film, it does have areas where the lighting is either too strong or weak. I first watched it on my HDTV and being that the movie was not anamorphic, it took something away from it. A second viewing on a Sony Trinitron was more enjoyable.


An original score by Tom Burns is lively and blends well with the film. There are also a few original songs mixed in as well. The audio is on a Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack, which is crisp and clear, and really free of flaws. The title song "I'll Bury You Tomorrow" that plays while the end credits roles is a campy throwback to the title tracks of low budget horror flicks of the '80s.





Special Features:


I'll Bury You Tomorrow has several trailers, a photo gallery and an extensive deleted scene and bloopers. Director Kelly said in an interview "I shot enough footage to make Gone With The Wind." They've included most of it here!







Movie: Fourstars
Video: Threeandahalfstars
Audio: Threeandahalfstars
Features: Threestars
Overall: Fourstars





Films that Peter West reviews are viewed on a Mitsubishi WS-55413 HDTV and listened to on a THX certified Pioneer Elite VSX-55TXi A/V Receiver through a 7.1 setup of JBL Northridge E series Speakers.



© 2004 No use of this review is permitted without expressed permission from


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