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2017 09 30 Bear With Us

Bear With Us Movie Review

Written by Angry Scholar

Released by Comedy Dynamics

Bear With Us Poster

Directed by William J. Stribling
Written by Russell Nickel and William J. Stribling
2016, 94 minutes, Not Rated
Released on August 15th, 2017

Cheyenne Jackson as Hudson
Lea DeLaria as Chief Ranger Stewart (voice)
Christy Carlson Romano as Quincy Adams
Curtiss Cook as Stanley Carter
Alex McKenna as Tammy
Kevin Carolan as Ranger Rick
Alice Ripley as Melanie Carter
Mark Sullivan as Colin Dense
Collin Smith as Harry Jameson

Bear With Us 01 Bear With Us 02


Colin proposes to his girlfriend Quincy. Quincy says no. Colin, boneheaded lovesick moron that he is, decides that what the relationship needs—because he chooses to keep going after what would have been the end for most reasonable folks—is some excitement. So he plans an elaborate trip to a cabin in the woods (a horror joke not wasted on the filmmakers) with Quincy and her friend Tammy. Colin’s best bud Harry comes along too, and hijinks, as you might have guessed, ensue.

The thing is, Colin thinks Quincy is afraid of bears. He hatches an elaborate and nonsensical scheme to have Harry wear a bear costume and terrorize the hapless campers, which will, I guess, give Quincy the chance to overcome her fear of bears? And that’s romantic and will make her realize she loves him? Something something bears, something something romance.

Bear With Us 03 Bear With Us 04

The thing is, none of that matters. Bear With Us a comedy of the most ridiculous of errors, and that’s the whole point. As you can imagine, Harry’s bear costume doesn’t go over so well in a forest that has actual bears in it, and the (stupid) plan to scare/romance Quincy takes several turns as the four friends encounter a doofy park ranger, an insane survivalist/bear hunter, and yes, an actual human-eating bear.

As silly as it all sounds—and goodness, is it silly—it all actually works. The writing is solid and the acting is on point, especially Collin Smith as Harry, who has a sort of Zach Galifianakis-meets-Will Farrell thing going on (i.e., perfect deadpan delivery and excellent physical timing, plus a big hipster beard). Alex McKenna is also funny as Tammy, Quincy’s drug-addled but basically good-natured friend.

This is a ridiculous, funny movie. If you dug Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, check it out.

Bear With Us 05 Bear With Us 06


Movie: Fourandahalfstars Bear With Us Cover
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Staff Writer
Angry Scholar loves the supernatural, proprietary Scottish fabrics, video games, and frozen dairy treats. He has a blog where he obsesses over these things. Creaking old castles, lights over the moors, and ghostly faces in the shadows are his raison d'être. Because, you know. He has no life, but damn he looks good in tweed.
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