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    Oblivion Song #6

    You'd think returning to our world would be a lot easier by this point. Read More
  • 1ac2f91aae5a29c8bf2bb3f62a98e533 450 750


    Joan Crawford goes bonkers in this campy cult classic. Read More
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    Cosmic Ghost Rider #2

    Galactus, Space Sharks, and Baby Thanos are just some of the fun included in this comic. Read More
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    Predator: Hunters II #1

    Get ready for the Predator's war on terror. Read More
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    Farmhand #2

    This is shaping up to be an awesome mix of comedy and horror. Read More
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    The Sandman Universe #1

    Sandman is back and just as fantastical as ever. Read More
  • 3ba554f5c575b7da01e221afacd321b8 450 750

    Long Lost: Book Two #1

    The second half of this foreboding series picks up the pace and gets crazy. Read More
  • 9c78d1224f4b79e7baffbe043569ad31 450 750

    Funny Book Splatter 080: Zack Kaplan

    James speaks with the writer behind the horror / sci-fi series, Eclipse. Read More
  • C85ab6a7c113ec8d5da3bd13bb28c06c 450 750


    A down at heel Hollywood security guard makes a big mistake. Read More
  • 3639377b5b9a505a1fe7164b7b54c57f 450 750

    The Meg

    Stath vs shark. What more do you expect? Read More
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  • Watch the Epidemic Next Month +

    4e9edb9c53c92ed6af6e15f40059a230 160 120 The sickness arrives in September. Read More
  • Perk Up With the Deadworld Energy Drink +

    766c822c312d42c790efe76d698b641d 160 120 Caliber Comics rolls out a new tie-in to its zombie comic book series. Read More
  • Edgar Allan Poe's Snifter of Terror #2 Exclusive Cover Reveal +

    3c797bab52f4a75a305fafae4cbd7014 160 120 Check out an exclusive first look at the cover for the next comic book magazine from AHOY Comics. Read More
  • Wolverton Returns for More Gentlemanly Theft +

    A1380e3184fc1ddd2d8334af63d8c824 160 120 The Thief of Impossible Objects is back for issue #2, now on Kickstarter. Read More
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