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    Immortal Hulk #8

    Some of the most twisted body horror I've ever seen is in a Marvel comic?! Read More
  • F307dcc8bf8bd68e726de6d2182b6610 450 750

    Urban Legends: Final Cut

    Making movies can be murder. Read More
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    Urban Legend

    It happened to someone who knows someone you know. Read More
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    The Mysterious Package Company Unboxing: Part 3

    The final shipment of CARCOSA: Rise of the Cult is here at last. Read More
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    Poser #3

    More bloodshed, but still light on clues as to the killer's identity. Read More
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    House on Haunted Hill

    Who wants to be a millionaire? Read More
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    Lovecraft Omnibus Edition

    I.N.J. Culbard adapts four tales from the horror icon, but keeps the dry and rambling prose. Read More
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    The Clovehitch Killer

    Don’t dig in Dad’s tool shed if you aren’t ready for what’s in there…. Read More
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    Sweets to the sweet. Candyman arrives on Blu-ray! Read More
  • 0c9e2e4113ebd2f4b05d5820302bb30d 450 750

    The Empty Man #1

    The chilling horror series returns and it's just as creepy as ever. Read More
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  • Caballistics Inc Comes to a Close This Christmas +

    6ef04390aba72f2dbc70eb913c8dfd4b 160 120 Spanning more than a decade, the series wraps up in 2000 AD Prog 2111. Read More
  • Wayward Lives Again in Upcoming Board Game +

    C1b2893fac860a31b30297363be17a3a 160 120 IDW Games to launch a Kickstarter campaign this February to fund its production. Read More
  • Green Ink Sponsored Write 2018 +

    D6858758ac83d3016797baf6daaddf23 160 120 Two of HorrorTalk's staff members are taking part in this charity writing event. Read More
  • Netfl!x and Kill Gets Ready for Season Two +

    509b5a3238a3b2d72371a5f6d134d997 160 120 The hit web series aims to return with a second season Read More
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