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  • Behind the Door (A Kathy Ryan Novel)

    Behind the Door (A Kathy Ryan Novel)

    What lurks behind the Door? Don’t ask! Read More
  • I Kill Giants

    I Kill Giants

    A Monster Calls... again. Read More
  • The Secret of Marrowbone

    The Secret of Marrowbone

    These kids aren't alright. Read More
  • Vampblade (Season 3) #3

    Vampblade (Season 3) #3

    Some alternate takes on old villains, but let's get on with this already. Read More
  • In the Mouth of Madness

    In the Mouth of Madness

    Do you read Sutter Cane? Read More
  • Memoirs of an Invisible Man

    Memoirs of an Invisible Man

    A John Carpenter comedy? Now that's scary! Read More
  • Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Huge robots fight monsters from another dimension, again, in Pacific Rim: Uprising. Smash. Fight. Repeat. Read More
  • The Immortal Hulk #2

    The Immortal Hulk #2

    The Hulk’s brand of justice is swift and brutal. Who’s next? Read More
  • 5th Passenger

    5th Passenger

    5th Passenger has all the right elements, but ultimately falls short. Read More
  • Cosmic Ghost Rider #1

    Cosmic Ghost Rider #1

    Frank Castle is the Punisher, Ghost Rider, and the Silver Surfer put together and it's awesome. Read More
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Latest News

  • SDCC 2018: Celebrate Hellboy’s 25th Anniversary with More Mignolaverse Titles +

    Dark Horse Comics announces two new mini-series and a one-shot tying into the world of Hellboy. Read More
  • The Sinking City +

    Ryan heads into the depths of Lovecraftian lore with news about upcoming horror game, The Sinking City. Read More
  • Enter the World of Middlewest This November +

    Get ready for monsters in this new fantasy adventure series from Image Comics. Read More
  • The Beauty of Horror Expands With Search & Find Game +

    Alan Robert shares more artwork from his latest adult themed coloring book in new online game. Read More
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