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Walter Geovani Interview

Interview conducted by James Ferguson

Clean Room from Vertigo Comics has been an absolute joy to read as a horror fan.  It delivers monumental scares from beginning to end.  Beginning with issue #13, Walter Geovani took over as the interior artist from Jon Davis-Hunt.  I had a chance to speak to him about the project, picking up art duties, and more.

James Ferguson: What drew you to Clean Room?

Walter Geovani: I received an e-mail from Gail Simone asking me if I would like to draw a couple of issues of Clean Room. I said, “Sure!” and then I received an e-mail from Molly Mahan, the editor, inviting me to be part of team. It´s a dream coming true to draw a Vertigo book and it's a great honor to me, I can´t thank Gail and Molly enough for this opportunity.
JF: How was the process in taking over for previous series artist, Jon Davis-Hunt?

WG: It all happened so fast. I received the script a week after our first contact and unfortunately Clean Room isn't published in Brazil, so all I had seen were previews and I didn't know the characters or story that well. But Molly and Maggie are great to work with and they sent me all the references I needed so I could draw the book without any trouble.

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JF: Who is your favorite character to draw from Clean Room?

WG: I love Chloe, she is my favourite. She's sweet and cares about her friends, but she is also really strong.

JF: What's something that scares you?

WG: Darkness. And spiders.

JF: How did you get into comics?

WG: I am lucky to live in the same city as Ed Benes. He started out in comics in the ‘90s and helped (and still helps) a lot of young artists break into comics. I was one of them. At first I was going to his home every week, taking my drawings for him to see and he taught how to improve. Then, I became his assistant and in the meantime I was doing tests until I finally got my first work in 2004.

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JF: Have you ever drawn something that scared yourself?

WG: Yes, the baby Derica from Clean Room (and featured in these images). I remember when I made the first model and I was surprised how creepy she became when I changed her expression to that evil face. I didn´t expect that result, it just came out that way and I couldn´t do it any other way. I had no control of it.
JF: What are some of your favorite horror movies?

WG: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Shining, Sinister, The Devil's Rejects, Halloween (the originals and the remakes), Tokyo Gore Police, Machine Girl, REC (the original) and the Brazilian movies Mangue Negro, A Noite dos Chupacabras, Mar Negro, and As Fabulas Negras.

JF: Anything you want to tease going into the next issue?

WG: All I can say is that we´ll have some very cool scenes with Chloe.

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HorrorTalk would like to thank Walter Geovani for taking the time to speak to us.  Clean Room #14 is set for release on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016.  Do yourself a favor and pick it up. 


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