2017 10 15 Twisted Showcase Muscle Memory

 Muscle Memory Quad


Written by Daniel Benson

Episode 2 of Series 4 of Twisted Showcase shows how far the series has come since its humble beginnings. How many other independent web series have a BAFTA winning writer penning an episode? Debbie Moon, writer on Hinterland and creator of CBBC smash hit Wolfblood, turns her attention to a dash of body horror for the episode Muscle Memory.

The episode stars Rachel Teate (Wolfblood) and Jo Ellis.

SYNOPSIS - An amnesiac undergoes a massage and pressure points in her body relate to hidden memories, bringing secrets to the fore that will change everything.


You can watch previous episodes from Twisted Showcase Season Four here: Episode 1

All previous episodes of the acclaimed bizarre anthology can be found on www.twistedshowcase.com


Next week is a mind-scrambling episode involving a man who looks in his sixties but claims to be a teenager. It stars Doctor Who's Weeping Angel Sarah Louise Madison.


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