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Three reasons why Persona 5 is like a horror...

Written by Ryan Noble

Ah, Persona 5... I'm only about 15 hours in so far, but I'm in love. Atlus know what they're doing when it comes to JRPGs, and Persona 5 is up there with the best of them. Interesting characters, intriguing storylines, cool battles, sleek interfaces... and horror? You heard me. If you've been wanting to play this game but prefer to save yourself for scares, here's my chance to change your mind.


Persona 5 Point 01

1) Dark topics...

Persona 5 is darker than you think, and the latest in the series in one of the darkest I've played. In the shadows between the battles and the banter, the game tackles some serious issues:

- Mental abuse
- Physical abuse
- Depression
- Suicide

The game goes to some dark places – as dark as any horror would – though perhaps with more thought and substance.

Persona 5 Point 02

2) You fight demons...

That one is pretty self-explanatory, really... While they roam under the name of "Shadows", they can range from pretty cute to downright hellish - especially when bosses join the fight. These tend to be the physical representations of some pretty dark desires, so you can expect to fight some twisted creatures that could easily join the ranks of existing horror entities.

Persona 5 Point 03

3) Accepting who you really are can be terrifying...

This is horror on a more personal level, but accepting and being who you truly are can feel like a terrifying thing to do, especially when you're still in high school as the protagonists of Persona normally are. It's a big part of how characters attain their Personas and abilities in the narrative. As something that evokes fear in the real world, this is something that can easily play on your mind and deserves to be marked as a sign of horror.

There you have it. Three reasons that Persona 5 - and probably most Persona games - could be compared to horror games. Is it a stretch to call Persona 5 a horror game? Absolutely. But do I think there's enough darkness there to appeal to the twisted minds of horror fans? Hell yeah. Did I also want an excuse to write about one of my favourite series of all time? You're damn right I did. Go and play Persona 5. You won't regret it.



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