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Written by Tyler Christensen


House of Purgatory writer/direcory Tyler Christensen drops by and shares with us some of his favorite sidekicks from horror films.

I Know What You Did Last Summer Cover

Helen Shivers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in I Know What You Did Last Summer

When Julie first gets harassed by the Fisherman killer, Helen is her first call, even though they hadn't talked in a year. Sidekicks are always the first call. Unfortunately sidekicks nearly almost die as well...


Psycho Cover

Norma Bates (voiced by Virginia Gregg) in Psycho

Norman's lone counterpart on those cold dark nights at the Bates Motel. Plus she lends him her clothes – total sidekick move.


Night Of The Living Dead Cover

Johnny (Russell Streiner) in Night of the Living Dead (1968)

He warned Barbara that they were coming to get her, fought them off and died for her when they did get her, then ultimately came back and delivered her to them. Very few sidekicks get such great character arcs.


Carrie Cover

Norma (P.J. Soles) in Carrie

Because sidekicks are the ones who start the best fashion trends. That red hat is iconic.


House Of 1000 Corpses Devils Rejects Cover

Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) in House of 1,000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects

How can you not include Rob Zombie's most iconic creation?


Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) in Jaws

Regardless of how smart and capable sidekicks are, they're going to fall prey to the verbal lashings of the Quints of the world.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Cover

Hitchhiker (Edwin Neal) in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Poor fella is clearly not daddy's favorite. Makes for a great sidekick though!


The Omen Collection Cover

Dog from The Omen (1976)

Probably did nothing for the reputation of Rottweilers, but scary as hell.


Insidious Cover

Specs (Leigh Whannell) & Tucker (Angus Sampson) in Insidious 1, 2, & 3

The epitome of sidekicks! Elise's go to ghost squad. Someone has to carry an old lady's gas mask.


Scream 5 Film Set Cover

Tatum Riley (Rose McGowan) in Scream

Best friend, bubbly, funny, crude, awesome, dead? Sidekick.


Poltergeist Cover

Tangina (Zelda Rubinstein) in Poltergeist 1 & 2

The perfect sidekick! You could pick her up and put her in your pocket, and pull her out whenever you need to bring a kid back from the other side!


The Exorcist Blu Ray

Father Karras (Jason Miller) in The Exorcist

I guess he's Father Merrin's sidekick here. The young priest with much to learn. He ultimately has to take up the reigns when his mentor dies and defeat the devil himself. If only he could have gotten out that window a fraction of a second earlier...


Halloween Cover

Annie Brackett (Nancy Kyes) in Halloween (1978)

The "respectable" sidekick to Laurie Strode who doesn't show her boobs, but strips down to her underwear, only to get herself stuck in a window. I still can't believe Lindsey told Paul. So embarrassing.


HorrorTalk would like to thank Tyler for his time in putting together this article! Make sure to check out House of Purgatory and follow it on Facebook and Twitter!


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HOUSE OF PURGATORY is from first time writer/director Tyler Christensen, a film based on an urban legend he relentlessly heard at sleepovers growing up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. His debut film was acquired by Terror Films in September 2015, after executive Jim Klock came across the film at "Fear Fete Horror Film" where it was an Official Selection. HOUSE OF PURGATORY stars Anne Leighton (NBC's Grimm, ABC's Nashville and CBS' Criminal Minds), Laura Coover (ABC's How To Get Away With Murder and Castle), Aaron Galvin, and Brian Krause (best known for his eight-season portrayal of "Leo Wyatt" on cult hit series Charmed). The film revolves around four mid-western teenagers (Leighton, Coover, Galvin, and Brad Fry) who search for a fabled haunted house, on Halloween night. Once finding it, they slowly realize that the house is much more than a run-of-the-mill Halloween attraction - somehow the house knows each of their deepest secrets. One-by-one the house uses these secrets against the terrified teens. Soon they find themselves in a battle to save their lives… and their souls. No one escapes purgatory.


HOUSE OF PURGATORY will debut in the U.S. on October 21st, 2016 on iTunes, Xbox, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, PlayStation, YouTube, and Vimeo On Demand. The film is also set to be released on Amazon Prime, 24-Hour Movie Channel on Roku, DVD and Cable VOD at a later date. HOUSE OF PURGATORY is produced by Watching Eye Productions and is distributed by genre distributor, Terror Films.




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