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The Top 10 Horror Movies on Amazon Prime for Free That I Would Watch Before I'd Watch Rob Zombie's Halloween

Written by R.J. MacReady

I know – for an "irregular" column, it's certainly become pretty regular! No worries, I'm bound to lapse soon. It's just...this cocaine is keeping me awake so much I'm getting a lot of telly in, you know?

By the way, to the HorrorTalk follower on Twitter who said, regarding the logo above, that, "whoever thought that image of her face looking through the O of TOP was great should reconsider," I'd just like to point out that the "her" that you reference is, in fact, Michael Myers as a kid in the terrible Rob Zombie remake that I reference in the title.

As usual my views don't necessarily reflect HorrorTalk's views. So complain to me, not to them. My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Anyway! On to the flicks!

This list is mostly going to spotlight a lot of B-movie, super low-budget movies, so if you don't like that kind of movie, then you're not going to want to watch these. For everybody else, give them a shot.

If you aren't a member of Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial by clicking here. -Ed.


The Town That Dreaded Sundown CoverBuy Amazon Video

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)

Wow, this is actually a legitimately good movie. It's better than the original – yeah, you heard me – yet pays tribute to it all over the place. If you haven't seen this, then you should.


Hunting Humans CoverBuy Amazon Video

Hunting Humans (Remastered)

One of my favorite personalities from the past, Joe Bob Briggs himself, gave this four out of four stars. That's a bit much, but it's a pretty fascinating, low-budget Dexter – but pre-Dexter. Some amateur acting spoils a lot of this movie, but the lead's good and there's enough twisted humor here to make it worth a watch. Our very own Steve reviewed this way back in the day and enjoyed it.


Fear Of Clowns 2 CoverBuy Amazon Video

Fear of Clowns 2

This movie's actually done by the director of the movie above, but stylistically completely different. If you haven't seen the first Fear of Clowns then you're lucky, because it's a turd. Skip it – you don't need to see it to understand this story of a murderous clown out to kill a woman, and the detective willing to do anything to stop him.

Steve's review of Fear of Clowns 2. -Ed.


Dark Ride SmallBuy Amazon Video

Dark Ride

This was one of those After Dark Horrorfest films. Sure, most of them sucked, but this was an okay waste of 90 minutes that sort of wants to be Tobe Hooper's The Funhouse. It's not – make no mistake – but it's not terrible. You know, like both of Zombie's Halloween movies.


Satans Little Helper CoverBuy Amazon Video

Satan's Little Helper

A good flick to put on right near Halloween. Ignore the description, because it's completely incorrect.


The Boogey Man CoverBuy Amazon Video

The Boogey Man

Fair warning, Ulli Lommel directed this. If you know who he is, you probably just winced. Yeah, he's terrible. But this staple of early '80s cable horror isn't the worst rip-off of Halloween I've ever seen.


Wishmaster 2 CoverBuy Amazon Video

Wishmaster 2

Bigger and better than the first? Not really. I gave it a try anyway, because Amazon thought I'd give it four stars. I'd say maybe three. Still, has some fun stuff to it, and cool gore gags.


2001 Maniacs CoverBuy Amazon Video

2001 Maniacs

Terrible title because it reminds me of another sub-par Rob Zombie movie, but this one's actually a lot of fun. I'd avoid the sequel though.


Black Death CoverBuy Amazon Video

Black Death

Not strictly a horror film, but a pretty bleak movie set in Medieval England during the bubonic plague. A monk is sent to a remote village to find out if reports of people coming back to life is true, from director Christopher Smith, who did the very-entertaining Triangle. If you get a chance to catch that mind-bender, do so.

James' review of Black Death. -Ed.


Gay Bed And Breakfast CoverBuy Amazon Video

The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror

If you haven't been reading my column then you don't know that the tenth movie is always a movie I haven't seen but with a great title. So I now what you're thinking: He's making this title up. No way is there a movie called this. You're wrong though.


By the way, go look at The Terror Factor. No, don't watch the movie. Just look at that poster. Is that the worst poster you've seen in a while? I mean, it looks like a bear holding a knife in the woods. WTF is that?



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