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Sean Lewis' Most Terrifying Moments in Sci-Fi

Written by Sean Lewis

So, with The Few coming out at Image Comics, I was asked the best and most terrifying moments in Sci-Fi.  Everyone says the Alien coming out of the stomach in Alien, so we're gonna avoid that one. That one WINS.  However, other ones that stay with me.


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1. The Clown in Poltergeist

I have not watched this movie since I was a kid because this freaked me out so much. It did not help that I had a similar looking clown on a mirror in my room. My mom clearly had a sadistic sense of humor.  I will always remember the arm of that clown grabbing that little kid (who had the same bowl haircut- ie. where it looks like your mom put a bowl on your head and cut the edges) and dragging the kid under the bed.

Poltergeist 01
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2. Pennywise from IT

I promise these will not all be clown references. In my hometown, a group of boys I was in class with claimed there was a clown in the woods near our school who was trying to abduct them. He looked like Pennywise, they said. One day they made me go and knock on the van door. No clown answered. Though I think I still have panic attacks because of this.

It 01
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The Thing
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3. The Thing

I re-watched this recently on Halloween and it was not the terror fest I remembered. But as a kid, this was a Saturday night regular. Throw it in the VCR and sleep no more. However, the dramatic tension in the scene where Kurt Russell (SNAKE!!!!) ties up his team of guys and starts to test them one by one for animal blood is straight killer. Carpenter is amazing.


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4. The Signal

This had that great moment where the female character tries to quietly get out of her house after her husband has killed his friends in a rage. I love moments like this because they get at something primal. This person is supposed to protect us, THE HUSBAND, we as an audience even know this on a real instinctual level. So when they turn the question is always there, despite evil being in them, will they recognize us? Will they still protect us? The Walking Dead has used this dilemma to great effect a few times.


Upstream Color
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5. Upstream Color

The idea of a parasite going into your body and you remembering nothing when it leaves is just... it's not good. I think we can all agree- IT IS NOT GOOD. This movie was fascinating to me. I was bored at times. I was creeped out. Some points are really beautiful and haunting and some just strange or obtuse. But I am often into that thing, so...


Black Mirror

Honorable Mention: The First Episode of Season Three of Black Mirror.

I think I was literally on my phone, possibly on Facebook, when this started playing. As Bryce Howard kept smiling her way to get more likes and her life depending on it, it really felt a little too close to home. I actually felt super uncomfortable. I want more things like that. Things that test my attention span, that challenge me and make me uncomfortable.


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