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NYCC 2017: Visiting the Museum of Lore

Amazon Prime Video had two major installations at New York Comic Con this year, one for The Tick and one for Lore. While I checked both of them out, I'm going to tell you about the Lore one here. If you haven't listened to Aaron Mahnke's excellent podcast of the same name, you are missing out. Amazon is turning it into a show, debuting on October 13th. To celebrate, Amazon created this experiential booth to show you firsthand what Lore is all about.

The booth was set up as three separate rooms, each showcasing the topic of a different Lore episode. An actor was inside each and spoke of the horrors they've seen such as a haunted set of mirrors or a creepy doll. The episodes that corresponded with each room are “Gene's Bedroom,” “The Unveiled,” and “The Beast Inside.”

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The actors were top notch and really made me feel like I was part of the experience. It was easy to get caught up in the mood as the rooms were dark and creepy. I kept expecting something to leap out at me, but this was not that type of horror. Instead, it wrapped around you slowly, surrounding you in a blanket of terror.

My favorite was the last room, based on “The Beast Inside.” The setting was very unsettling, as it had a dining room full of rotten food and organs. It was also the one room with a photo opp. You can check that out below.

I was already looking forward to Lore and now I'm even more excited for it. This experiential setup was a great way to introduce new and old fans alike to the property and get them pumped for the release this week.

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