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I have spent the last few days attending the 2015 Nashville Film Festival as a jury member of the Graveyard Shift selection of horror features and short films. There’s a lot going on and while I can’t review the features in competition until after the awards are revealed, here is some information on the titles I’ll be checking out.

Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai (loosely translated as Rain is the Color Blue with Red Mixed In) is an inspired retelling of Purple Rain, set in North Africa’s Sahara Desert. For realz.

The creepy slasher-in-the-woods flick Cub offers up a group of cub scouts as potential victims to a mysterious madman in this stylish thriller from Belgium.

When your best friend shows up on your doorstep asking for help, you give it to him, right? The limits of trust and friendship are tested when an element of schizophrenia is introduced into the mix in They Look Like People.

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When Jessica returns home for her grandmother’s funeral, she is not only forced to deal with her difficult mother, but also haunting nightmares in the French horror, Horsehead.

Alléluia is a darkly twisted love story inspired by The Honeymoon Killers, in which a loving couple leaves a trail of bodies in their wake.

A beautiful young woman is driven into a dark underworld of demonic possession, desire, and insane visions when she learns she may be the devil's kin in Another.

In Felt, Amy, our emotionally damaged heroine, is trying to overcome her issues with men when she meets a seemingly nice guy. Things are not always as they seem and this one has a doozy of a finale.

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A trio of dudes celebrating a birthday bash at a strip club cross the line when they follow a dancer home. The tables are quickly turned as the fellas quickly learn they are in over their heads in Ladies of the House.

Linear Downfall fans will want to check out the band’s new flick Sufferland, a series of nightmares set to a challenging musical score.

I am also keeping an eye out for genre fare not in his specific category. Here’s a quick peek at one of the surprises I found:

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L’il Quinquin (P'tit Quinquin) is a French mini-series created by Bruno Dumont (The Life of Jesus) that begins wickedly enough when human body parts are discovered stuffed inside a cow. Commandant Van der Weyden (Bernard Pruvost) is trying his best to solve the mysterious crime, but the investigation is comically undermined at every opportunity, as he is surrounded by a truly bizarre set of supporting characters led by the mischievous Quinquin (Alane Delhaye). For anyone wondering what would happen if shows like Twin Peaks and True Detective had a baby, and then fed it poisoned breast milk… this might just be the series for you.

If you missed the screening in Nashville, you can stop kicking yourself, as Li'l Quinquin has been picked up for distribution by Kino Lorber. Do yourself a favor and invest the 200 minutes binge watching the first season of this strange program edited together here in one epic telling.

I will be back soon with a full report on these and a few additional titles too!




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