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My First Encounter with Adult Coloring Books

I would never claim to have my finger on the pulse of popular culture unless it involves comic books.  Even then, the current fad of adult coloring books has been a complete mystery to me.  I just don't get it.  The trend is showing no signs of stopping, as more and more titles have been popping up from the likes of The Walking Dead, Spawn, and I Hate Fairyland to Alan Robert's The Beauty of Horror.  The horror industry seems to be embracing this and I'm left scratching my head.  Then, I finally got a chance to try one out in person with Mister Sam Shearon's Creepy Christmas.

When I first saw the press release for this book, my initial thought was to get my 3.5 year old to color some of the less scary images and post them on here like an art critique.  That didn't pan out because for some reason the kid has not felt like coloring for a couple weeks.  With an uncooperative child, I decided to crack out the crayons and give it a whirl myself.  


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Creepy Christmas is filled with...well...creepy Christmas images.  There are forty altogether, featuring characters from folklore around the world.  Of course, Krampus makes an appearance, as do Santa Claws, Rabid Rudolph, and the Abominable Snowman.  The images range from the benign to the outright terrifying.  Some are subtle, such as the Grimace Tree, which is essentially a Christmas tree with menacing eyes and teeth popping out from between the pine needles.  

After trying out crayons, colored pencils, and markers, I think that my medium of choice is the marker.  It makes a cleaner line.  The crayon wasn't bad, but since I was using my kids' set, they're not in the best shape.  Most are broken or need sharpening.  While coloring, there's a sense of calm.  It's like everything else washes away from the world except for the image.  There are no worries when you're doing this, even if you're coloring in a picture of two lovebirds with their faces melted together.  I think that says more about me than anything.


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The images are not only in black and white; they include some grey tones as well, so there are some that I almost didn't want to color in at all since it looked like such a great shot on its own.  I wonder if others are presented in the same fashion, as it can hinder the coloring process.

What I found interesting was how out of practice I was in the simple act of holding a pencil.  In the digital age, I rarely write anything down.  It doesn't help much that I can barely read my own handwriting.  After coloring for about ten to fifteen minutes, my hand would get sore and I'd have to take a break.  This was frustrating because I wasn't done with the picture.  


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Creepy Christmas also includes a poem to introduce each image and provide a background for the character portrayed.  Obviously, they're all horror-themed, detailing various creatures of monstrosity and the heinous acts they're up to.  

After finally trying out an adult coloring book, I can safely say that I now understand why people dig it.  It's therapeutic in a way.  Plus, it's fun.  It harkens back to a simpler time in your life where you have far less stress and problems.  You just have to worry about staying inside the lines.  As a horror fan, there are some great books to choose from, especially Mister Sam Shearon's Creepy Christmas, which is apt considering the time of year.  If you do pick up any of these horror related coloring books, be sure to stock up on red crayons.  You're going to need them.

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