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My Top Five Horror Films

Written by Mathieu Ratthe


In honor of the release of my feature film, The Gracefield Incident, I've been asked to share five of my top five psychological/supernatural/horror films. So here goes.


Psycho Cover


One of my all time favorite Alfred Hitchcock's movies. This film is a great example, from the Master of Suspense himself, on how to build suspense in the audience's mind and not necessary on the screen. Hitchcock was definitely one the biggest influences on me as a young filmmaker, not only with his movies, but how he was able to understand the audience's psychology.


Jaws Cover


One of the best horror movies ever made. Spielberg as well as Hitchcock has been a HUGE influence on me. I still remember vividly watching Jaws at a really young age and it scared the crap out of me, but then fear turned into curiosity and I needed to know how they achieved it.


The Sixth Sense Cover

The Sixth Sense

This film is a rare diamond. I think a lot of people will agree with me on that one. I cannot think of another film that I still watch a few times a year and still enjoy it as if it was the first time… and of course I'm still surprise by the ending (haha).


The Blair Witch Project Cover

The Blair Witch Project

I remembered going to see this movie when I was a teenager. I was actually on a first date and I was trying to look tough and not scared, but the girl and I were just holding on to one another. We were PETRIFIED!!! The marketing behind this film was absolutely brilliant.


Poltergeist Cover


This is one of the first films I remembered seeing. I remembered that my older brother wasn't supposed to show it to me, but he did anyway. Probably in purpose (haha). From that moment until now, I'm scared of the TV [static] noise. No, seriously, I've watched this film over and over as a kid and it was an inspiration early on for a bunch of my short films.

Since the age of ten, Mathieu's passion for storytelling through the medium of film has only grown. He approaches each project with a simple goal: create stories that capture the imagination of the audience while evoking real emotions relatable to their own lives. A strong work ethic and an innate ability to inspire his production team are the hallmarks of his success to date. All the experiences acquired over the years helped finesse and develop Mathieu's directing skills, style and vision, and took him onto the next step in his journey: the making of his first feature film, The Gracefield Incident, in select theaters and on demand and digital HD on July 21.

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