2016 04 26 Trae Ireland Interview

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Trae Ireland is a cop who gets get caught in a very frightening case in director Jim Lane's Betrothed, released on VOD this July.

HorrorTalk got an exclusive Q&A with the talented Mr Ireland ahead of the film's home entertainment bow.

Where you originally from, Trae?

Trae Ireland: I'm originally from Chicago.

And you've been in Hollywood for a while now?

TI: I live in Hollywood now and have been for 17yrs.

Well, it's worked out for you! Was acting always the goal?

TI: Acting was always a goal even as a kid but I didn't really get serious about it until 1995.

Is there a film you consider your big break?

TI: I'm still working on getting that "Big Break" and yes, I will frame the check with the poster.

Trae Ireland Interview 02

What do you like about horror movies?

TI: What I like about horror is it's a very freeing genre for an artist. It is and is not to be taken seriously (to the audience). It's more set in fantasy so it allows you to take more chances and find more nuances to play with.

What did you learn from some of the legends on this movie, like Bill Oberst Jr?

TI: Bill Oberst is a very intense actor and I love his presence and commitment. Unfortunately we didn't have any scenes together, but I watched him shoot his scenes.

Was there anything you had to learn in prep to play this character?

TI: The main thing I had to learn was the proper way someone in law enforcement holds their weapon. I need things to be authentic as possible.

Good work! Would you be keen to work with the same cast and crew again sometime?

TI: I would like to work with this team again ... In fact let's push for the sequel!

HorrorTalk would like to thank Trae for this exclusive Q&A! You can catch Betrothed on VOD this July.



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