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Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy Interview

Interview conducted by James Ferguson


Writer Jason Ciaramella and artist Greg Murphy have created a pretty awesome brand in C is for Cthulhu. It began with a Kickstarter campaign last year to launch a childrens board book with colorful illustrations showcasing the work of H.P. Lovecraft. Now the duo is back with another campaign to bring the cuddly Cthulhu to life with a plushie, not to mention a new printing of the book and slew of other goodies. I had a chance to speak to them about the project, Cthulhu, and more. Let the madness begin…

James Ferguson: What is it about Cthulhu that makes him so cuddly?

Jason Ciaramella: When I think of cuddly, my mind drifts to the damp, cyclopean landscapes of dim R'lyeh, where I'm being cradled in the loving embrace of a colossal elder god -- his cold, slimy tentacles caressing my brow. What?

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JF: There are not a lot of horror-related kid’s books out there. Was that one of the reasons for this project in the first place?

JC: The main reason is, this is a book I wish I had when my kids were younger and first learning their alphabet. They would have adored it. Sharing the things you love with your kids is one of the great joys of being a parent.

JF: How has the fan response been to C is for Cthulhu?

Greg Murphy: Fan response has been huge! We were shocked when we sold out of our first print run of the book in only three months! And the fan community has been incredible, helping us spread the word about the book and sharing adorable photos & videos of their kids reading and playing with it on our C is for Cthulhu Facebook page. Just warms our hearts!

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JF: You've got the book and now the plushie, t-shirts, and a sweet poster. What else would you like to expand to? Please say animated series.

GM: I think C is for Cthulhu: The Animated Series is something of our holy grail in this project. It's definitely something that has only half-jokingly been in our periphery as we've been thinking about where to go next. In the near-term, we have plans for the next few books in the series and potentially more plush versions of other CifC characters. Stay tuned!

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JF: What Lovecraft story would you recommend to someone interested in checking out his work?

JC: My gut reaction is to say The Call of Cthulhu, but I think stories like The Tomb, and The Haunter of the Dark are great gateways to the world of H.P. Lovecraft. Reading Lovecraft is a lot like developing your palate for strong or unusual tasting foods. Best to start on the light side and then work your way into the beefier stories.

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JF: It's the End Times and Cthulhu has risen from the depths. The government comes to you in hopes of stopping his rampage. What do you do?

GM: We run a Kickstarter to raise funding for a giant Mecha-Cthulhu Plush to challenge him in single combat. If that doesn't work, I guess we lure him to Providence so at least we can reenact the "P is for..." page from the book before we all die!

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Jason and Greg are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a limited production run of C is for Cthulhu brand plush toys. Backers can also snag the popular board book, an all-new movie poster, T-shirts, and more. The campaign is fully funded and pre-orders will end on August 14 at midnight.



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