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Interview conducted by James Ferguson


Lord Henry Baltimore is on the hunt for the darkest evil yet in The Cult of the Red King, written by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden with artwork from Peter Bergting.  The accomplished vampire hunter is working with a group of people to track down this dark force and put it down once and for all.  I had the opportunity to chat with Golden about the project.

James Ferguson: So much of what drove Baltimore was his quest for vengeance against the vampire Haigus, who killed his family.  Now that he's put down Haigus, has Baltimore lost some of that drive?

Christopher Golden: His quest is not personal now.  Or personal in a different way.  His vengeance was myopic before, but it's as if once he destroyed Haigus, the veil of the world pulled back to show him just how tiny his own grief and hatred were.  He wants to die.  He's walking around with doom wrapped like the proverbial albatross around his neck.  But he sees that he has a purpose and is determined to fulfill it.  He also understands that Haigus served the Red King, and so in a way the Red King was his real enemy all along.


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JF: There's more of a team dynamic in recent issues with Baltimore working with others to track down the Red King.  How has it been working with these additional supporting characters and how has this changed Baltimore?

CG: Baltimore recognized a couple of really specific things. The first was that there were other people who had endured encounters with the supernatural that had scarred and changed them, turned them into people willing to go to war against the darkness and against the rising power of the Red King.  The second is a darker epiphany.  He's known all along that people who get close to him tend to die horribly, so he tried to avoid letting others join his crusade.  Now he's realized that having allies to fight beside him or seek answers for him can be helpful, but also that if that means they're going to die in the process, it's not his problem.  It's their fight, too, and just as he assumes he is going to die along the way, he figures most of them will die, too.  And he's okay with that.

JF: The Cult of the Red King comes across as rather ominous.  Baltimore is searching for the ultimate evil here.  Will this be the character's grand finale?

CG:  Keep reading.

JF: Is there a monster you'd love to put Baltimore against?

CG: The giant ants from THEM.  


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JF: How would Baltimore stack up against other famous vampire hunters such as Van Helsing or Buffy?

CG: He'd use Van Helsing for his knowledge and then tell him to get out of the way.  We're talking the literary Van Helsing, of course.  As for Buffy, Baltimore tends to take people at face value.  The second he saw her fight, he'd welcome her onto the team.

JF: How is it writing with Mike Mignola?  Can you describe your collaborative process?

CG: Working on the comics usually entails a phone conversation during which we sort out where we intend the story to go.  More often than not it's me throwing ideas at him and him telling me which parts he doesn't like.  I put it all on paper and then we essentially have a repeat of that call, just more specifically.  Scott Allie chimes in at that point as well.  Then the scripting process begins, and it's much the same.  Mike and I come up with ideas together, but after that it's mostly him keeping me from doing something stupid.

JF: Do you prefer writing in prose or for comics?

CG: I love comics and working on Baltimore is always an excellent experience, but prose is where my creative heart is most at home.


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JF: Seriously, how itchy is Baltimore's peg leg?  That can't be comfortable.

CG: I don't know, honestly.  I mean, how the hell does that thing even work?

HorrorTalk would like to thank Christopher Golden for taking the time to speak with us.  Baltimore: The Cult of the Red King #2 debuts on Wednesday, June 3rd.


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