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Colin Bryan and Emily Kieson Interview


Written by James Ferguson


86 Plots Colin Bryan Emily Kieson 01


Colin Bryan and Emily Kieson have written a graphic novel called 86 Plots.  Drawn by Kelsey Shannon, the book is described as a mix of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Sherlock Holmes, and Scooby-Doo.  The story focuses on a group of college kids who spend the summer of 1979 digging up a cemetery to find a long lost treasure.  Of course, this doesn't go smoothly.  

The two writers were kind enough to sit down with HorrorTalk for an interview about the project.


86 Plots Colin Bryan Emily Kieson 0386 Plots Colin Bryan Emily Kieson 02


James Ferguson: Where did the story for 86 Plots come from?

Colin Bryan: Thanks for having us, we love your site!  Anyway, to answer your first question, 86 Plots started as a few post-it notes and grew from there.  We decided we wanted to make a screenplay that would be inexpensive to make, but classic at the same time.  We wanted to keep the cast small and the locations basic.  Keeping things simple made things challenging but very, very fun.


JF: Can you give us a quick breakdown of the premise behind 86 Plots?  Obviously the title is a reference to the cemetery.

CB: Yes, it’s a reference to the cemetery but we’d like to keep the actual meaning a surprise.  Not to mention it just sounds cool.  As for a breakdown of the story, there are five friends who take a road trip and end up digging up a cemetery in search of some mysterious treasure…and, like you said, this doesn’t go well.  And, it probably doesn’t end up where you think, either.


JF: Regarding the Scooby-Doo reference, is the cemetery haunted by a "ghost' who really turns out to be an old guy in a mask?

CB: YES!!!  Just kidding.  The Scooby-Doo reference was mostly about the group of friends (without the dog) researching a mystery.  That and they drive around in a beat-up looking Mystery Machine.  But no one wears scarves in this.


JF: 86 Plots was written as a screenplay first.  Is the graphic novel a step towards an eventual film?

CB: Doing the graphic novel was a great way to truly understand what type of a film this could be.  But we didn’t just design the graphic novel to get a film made — we’re taking both formats very seriously.  When we decided to do a graphic novel, we focused on making a book that could stand on its own with or without a movie.  So yes, it was originally written as a film but we wanted to find others ways of sharing the story with our audience.  A graphic novel is just another visual medium, so it fit well.  And it also transitions well from paper into film.  Like a storyboard.


86 Plots Colin Bryan Emily Kieson 0686 Plots Colin Bryan Emily Kieson 0486 Plots Colin Bryan Emily Kieson 05


JF: How did artist Kelsey Shannon get involved in the project?

Emily Kieson: Kelsey was an old friend of Colin’s and they had worked together in the past.  His art was also a perfect fit for this project.  When Kelsey read the script he really wanted to do it so it all came together well.

JF: When do you anticipate to have 86 Plots released?

CB: We’re hoping to have the final graphic novel finished by Fall 2012.


JF: Have you considered digital distribution?

CB: Absolutely.  We’re actually looking at different ways to make it available through digital formats when it’s done.  We’ve looked at it on an iPad and it’s awesome!  Kelsey’s done an amazing job of creating art that pops on screen and there are some hidden details that will make it great for zooming in on tablets and phones.


JF: As this graphic novel is being entirely self-funded, where can fans go if they want to help out?

CB: Thank you for asking!  If anyone wants to help, they can go to the Kickstarter page.  We really appreciate the support and hope that everyone finds it as fun as we do!  And there are great rewards to be had as well!  You can pre-order the book, get buttons, posters, branded pick axes…

Thanks again for having us on your site.  Whatever happens, look out for 86 Plots in the future.  We’ll definitely keep you posted on its progress.  Thanks again!


JF: Thank you for your time, Colin and Emily.  We'll keep everyone posted on 86 Plots as it develops.

86 Plots Colin Bryan Emily Kieson 0886 Plots Colin Bryan Emily Kieson 0986 Plots Colin Bryan Emily Kieson 07







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