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If there's one thing that seems to ring true with independent features, it's that the person in charge takes on multiple roles. In the case of UK psychological chiller Accountable, Matthew Heaven steps in as writer, director, editor and producer to bring the film to the screen. Shot around his day job in just 10 days and on a budget of £10,000, the film is his first feature after cutting his teeth with short films Late Mourning and Professional Paranoia.


Caught in an unrelenting trap of anger, frustration, and social avoidance; a directionless young man is set on righting certain past and present indiscretions. A realisation soon takes hold: he cannot progress past these current issues alone – outside help is required to cut loose the weight the young man is bearing.

"In basic terms, a dark and volatile protagonist will always appeal to me." explains Heaven, "Putting a potentially dangerous lead character in situations that provoke strong conflict, reaction, and survival grabs my attention – especially when that character is backed into a corner. Accountable started as a short film about a troubled individual that chooses to visit a psychiatrist to overcome his past troubles, and from that initial 10 pages the protagonist grew organically as did his journey. Due to the pretty extreme budgetary limitations I was restricted as to where exactly I could take the character, but his path was always going to be difficult to tread."

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Accountable receives its world premiere on August 25th in Splice Media Discovery 2. For tickets go to: http://www.frightfest.co.uk/tickets.html

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