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Five Horror Things I Enjoy

Written by Sara Brooke

In honor of my new release Renovation, I've been asked to share five things in horror that I've enjoyed. So here goes:

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This is a relatively new horror flick about a man who becomes possessed by a demon that inhabits a clown costume. I know it sounds quite ridiculous, but it actually came together in an entertaining film. And clowns are always a bit off-putting. Forget Poltergeist, this film takes it to the extreme. Highly recommended.


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Most any book by Bentley Little

Some readers have commented on how my novels (and especially Renovation) have a Little-esque style about them. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and it doesn't take much digging to discover that I am an avid reader of Bentley Little horror books. In truth, his novels are the inspiration for my own work.


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Ghost Tours

I am a huge fan of ghost tours and often look for opportunities to attend "Ghost Walks" or "Cemetery Tours". And, being a believer in the paranormal, there's a delicious delight in attending these events, hoping to bump into a ghost or two.


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Ghost Hunting

In preparation for a possible reality show, I was one of the investigators who conducted a paranormal investigation of a haunted house.  It was the thrill of a lifetime!


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The Shining

To this day, I still consider this to be one of the scariest movies ever released. And it is a truly guilty pleasure. The scene with the dead woman in the bathtub, stepping out and kissing Jack Nicholson, is classic.

Sara Brooke is an international Amazon bestselling author who writes horror and suspense novels. A lifelong avid reader of all things scary, Sara's childhood dream was to write books that force readers to sleep with their lights on. Her first novel, Still Lake, was released Spring 2012. Among her other novels, she had The Gardens of Babylon published by Sinister Grin Press in December 2015 and The Zyne Project in March 2016. Sara's influences and favorite authors include Bentley Little and John Saul. She is presently working on her next novel and upcoming documentary film.

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You can find Sara at her website, and pick up her latest novel by clicking the link below!

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Renovation Cover
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Renovation Cover
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Renovation synopsis:

It all started with a leaky roof.


Or did it?


Something bad is happening in the small picturesque town of Oak Shade, Florida.


The Brennier family has just moved into their new home, and they are excited about the prospect of a new life. A new beginning.


But things don't always go as planned.


Almost immediately, their beautiful home starts to fall into disrepair. And there's that strange thing happening in the attic...


Their call for help to a local repair company quickly becomes a different cry for help.


And their lives begin to crumble as the situation gets stranger and more disruptive.


It soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems, and a simple renovation could mean the deconstruction of their lives.

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