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It's been far too long since we saw some output from Bloody Cuts, the last being the excellent The Outer Darkness back in March of this year. Still, you can't hurry perfection, and the guys and gals that make up the Bloody Cuts team certainly make sure each episode of their horror web series is top notch. If you're a fan of short horror movies then you can't get much better than this.

Deathly Presents is directed, produced, written and edited by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, and stars Oliver Ebsworth, Sian Breckin, Jonah Russell and Fergus Brattigan. Check it out below, then head over to the Bloody Cuts website to catch up on their output to date, you won't be disappointed.

It might drop down your chimney, It might mysteriously fill your stockings, It may even slip itself under your tree, but be sure...


This Christmas... EVIL IS BACK.


Bloody Cuts returns with a frightful Christmas cracker of festive catastrophe, Episode 9: Deathly Presents

Links: Bloody Cuts website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Vimeo

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