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Written by Daniel Benson

Presented by BT TV & AMC UK


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Monday night was an unusual night. In the impressive looking building that is the St. Martin School of Art, a high-security quarantine area had been set up by E.N.D (Epidemic Neutralisation Department), to screen all attendees for any sign of infection. Ironic really that the assorted collection of net-heads were screened for a virus when the whole point of grouping us all together was an exercise in viral marketing.

And the subject, of course, was the latest TV show to come out of the AMC stable, Fear the Walking Dead, the spinoff from the highly successful (actually the most successful) TV drama which comes to the UK on August 31st exclusively through AMC on BT. The USA got to see the pilot episode last night and set social media alight with the biggest response to a TV show ever, so we were told. So, what does a night at a press preview get you? Well the building had been decked out like a survival bunker, complete with supply cases, ammunition cases and even army bunks lining the walls. The bar served a variety of drinks, including specially made cocktails for the event; the Red Alert and the Chemical Reaction both went down a treat and were served in apocalypse-friendly scavenged tin cans and glass jars.

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Keeping us sharp and of the constant realisation we were being protected, were semi-regular breaches of the security by the infected. Fortunately the body-armoured guards were quick off the mark and dragged out the intruders before they could cause us any harm.

Man cannot live on alcohol alone (much as he'd like to), so we were also kept well fed by the boiler suit-clad bunker staff (I want to call them bunker bunnies, but it sounds dreadfully superior) who brought us such delights as mushroom tarts wrapped in silver ration packaging, sliders on jet black buns and broken glass and blood cupcakes. There was also the option of human flesh on toast (steak tartare, close enough) but as someone who is definitely free from infection I had no taste for this.

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But we weren't there to consume themed food and drink, not all night anyway, so we were herded into a screening room where we'd be among the first to see the pilot episode of the show that the nght was based around. We had a brief intro from some heads of stuff at BT (I was too excited, didn't pay attention to job titles) then a short and amusing intro from an American chap who's head of AMC UK and proceeded to drop numerous Jesse Pinkman-inspired 'bitches' into his talk - hey it's AMC after all. Bitch.

Post screening we were handed a specimen bottle containing the customary USB stick full of press notes. I hope it doesn't have a virus...

Fear The Walking Dead will air in the UK exclusively through AMC on BT from August 31st. The pilot episode will also air on Freeview on the BT Showcase Channel (59) and on Freesat. Check the following link for more details: http://tv.bt.com/tv/fear-the-walking-dead-01363995010948

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