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Back This! Comic Kickstarters to Watch (August 2016)

Hey Kids! It's been a little while since I've shared the latest and greatest horror comics on Kickstarter. That's not to say that there haven't been any worth covering. It's just that I've been busy, OK? Get off my back. Wow. That escalated quickly. Let's start over.

I've culled through the 137 live comic campaigns to bring you a hand selected list of projects that you should check out. These are books that I've backed personally, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is. As a reminder, I'm only talking about horror comics here. I don't mess with movies, TV shows, video games, or puppet theater. Check out the projects below!

Donald 00
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Donald of the Dead
This project is impressive for how quickly the creators have gotten it together. Dan Taylor and Chris Fason have put together a one-shot comic where Donald Trump unleashes a zombie horde on the Republican National Convention. I should just stop there because there's nothing else you need to know about it. The book is on track for an October delivery, so you can have it just before the election.

Rewards include the comic in print or digital formats, sketches, and the chance to get yourself drawn into the book as a zombie. At the time of this writing, the campaign has already reached its funding goal, however it's closing in on the first stretch goal, which would create a set of six zombie Republican trading cards.

Bust 00
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Bust 3: A Sackcloth Smile
This is the third issue in a series from Dave Cook and Chris O'Toole, which they've described as a “40-page Mad Max tribute.” It follows Jack, a former card dealer from Las Vegas, who goes to great lengths to protect his family and is then forced to fight mutant freaks in a gladiatorial area. The world is a horrible place and Jack's trying to keep everything together amidst all this carnage.

Bust 01Bust 02Bust 03
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I reviewed the first issue a few months back. It suffered from overkill in terms of the elements packed into the book, but the creators have learned from the process and have streamlined things in future chapters. Rewards for the campaign include the comic, posters, prints, and sketches.

Hexes 00
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Hexes 1 and 2

It wouldn't be a horror comic discussion if there wasn't an anthology in the mix. Hexes is not a traditional anthology title, but it plays along the same lines. This campaign is for the first two issues, each one being a standalone story taking place in the same overall universe. Written by Simon Birks with artwork from Ege Avci and Lyndon White, Hexes is planned for eight total issues.

Hexes 01Hexes 02Hexes 03
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What hooked me with this project is the chilling artwork, specifically Avci's for the first book, The Boy Who Came Closer. There's something terrifying about a craggily old man telling a small boy that he's going to die. Come to think about it, that's probably what TGM does on the weekends. Anyway, rewards include the books themselves, past comics from the creators, prints, original artwork, and the chance to get drawn into the book.

That about does it for this month's edition. I'm sure there are some more projects coming down the line, so I'll be back soon with more recommendations. If you've got a horror comics Kickstarter project I should check out, let me know!

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