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Back This! Comic Kickstarters to Watch (April 2016)

It's no secret that I love Kickstarter.  I'm a serial backer of comics projects, with 250 pledges made to date.  Full disclosure: The vast majority of those are for digital rewards.  I'm not made of money, you know.  I want to showcase a few current projects that are definitely worth checking out.  I thought about calling this James' Komics Kickstarter Korner, but someone talked me out of it.  I don't know why.

These are independent creators that are using the crowdfunding platform to help finance the publication of their comic, and you can make that happen.  That sounds pretty cheesy, but it's true.  Plus, think of it this way:  You're getting a chance to be a part of something before it blows up.  Get in on the ground floor and show your friends how cool you are.

All of these projects are ones that I've backed personally, so I'm not just writing about these books because someone asked me to do so.  I put my money where my mouth is.  If you dig this feature, I'm putting together separate listings via a new email newsletter.  Sign up here to get this sent to your inbox about once a month.

Ness 00

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First up, we've got Ness, a monster comic set in Scotland inspired by Guillermo del Toro films and Lovecraft cosmic horror.  If you haven't backed this project based on that previous sentence alone, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.  The book's creative team consists of writer Chris Welsh, artist Robert Carey, colorist Dee Cunniffe, and letterer Robin Jones.  Ness is planned as a four-part series and this campaign is intended to fund the first issue containing 22 pages of story, a pin up gallery from artists like Iain Laurie and Gavin Mitchell, plus extras.

Ness 01Ness 02Ness 03Ness 04
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I love the Loch Ness Monster.  The idea that some gigantic beast could be lurking just under the surface of this body of water for ages is so damn intriguing.  Welsh is no stranger to Kickstarter, having also used the platform to fund the release of Wart, a cosmic horror comic.  I backed his previous projects and I jumped at this one.  I dug Wart, but I think Ness is tailor made for me.  

Check out the Ness Kickstarter Campaign.

Burial Plots 00

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The horror anthology is a quintessential element of the genre within the comic book industry.  Classics like Eerie and Creepy have been around for ages, terrorizing people in small doses.  Burial Plots aims to join the fray with a new 30-page book containing two stories written by Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George, illustrated by John de Campos, and lettered by Nolen Strals.  LaMartina and George and indie filmmakers with six titles under their belts including Call Girl of Cthulhu.  Now they're turning their attention to funny books for this black-and-white anthology mixing scares with fun.

Burial Plots 01Burial Plots 02
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Horror and humor walk a similar path in my opinion and both are difficult to do well.  Based on the descriptions of each story alone, I was sold on Burial Plots.  Bum Wrap has a hobo finding a mummy, which basically writes itself.  Shapeshifters has a scrawny kid transforming after joining a gym filled with werewolves.  I think the only disappointment I have here is that there are only two stories in this comic.  

Check out the Burial Plots Kickstarter campaign.

Bastard Son 00

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Sometimes you hear a pitch for a book and wonder why something like this hasn't been done before.  That's what I thought when I heard about Bastard Son: Murderborn, a graphic novel from Frank T. Allen and Marco Fontanili that takes a look at the slasher story from the killer's point of view.  Sure, we had stuff like Behind the Mask, but Bastard Son seems to take it to a whole new level.  It's inspired by all the classics from Jason and Freddy to John Carpenter and the Evil Dead.  

Bastard Son 01Bastard Son 02Bastard Son 03
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Bastard Son: Murderborn's central character, Ethan Welles, has been haunted by darkness for years.  After fighting it since childhood, he's begun to embrace it.  The creative team also promises psycho rednecks, a twisted scientist, freaks of nature, terrified teens, and so much blood.  

You can check out the first issue for free here and the Bastard Son: Murderborn Kickstarter campaign here.

C Is For Cthulhu 00

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OK, this last one isn't specifically a comic, but it's too good not to include.  I've covered the C is for Cthulhu coloring book campaign in detail recently, but there have been some pretty awesome stretch goals unlocked since then.  First off, for every $250 creators Jason Ciaramella and Greg Murphy raise above their goal, they’ll send a copy of the coloring book to a children's hospital or worthy charity.  They've already raised more than $10,000 over the goal so there are more than 40 coloring books going out as donations.

The book will now be 48 pages in length (up from 40) and will include a full-color sticker sheet.  They actually just passed the $20k stretch goal which unlocked a special black version of their signature C is for Cthulhu plush toy.   I have a green one at home and I can assure you they're pretty awesome.  You can nab one of those, along with the original board book, and the coloring book as rewards for this campaign.  

If you want to try out the coloring book yourself before backing, you can download 5 free pages here.  Check out the C is for Cthulhu Coloring Book Kickstarter campaign here.

C Is For Cthulhu 01

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That about does it for this edition of Back This!  I'm always on the lookout for new Kickstarter comic projects so if you hear of any, be sure to send them my way.  I'll keep sharing the ones I think are worthy of your attention right here.  Once again, if you dig this, sign up for my new email newsletter which will include comics like these and more about once a month.



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