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Berkshire County (directed by Audrey Cummings) follows Alysa King's character, Kylie, who after being put in a bad situation by a cruel schoolmate named Marcus (Aaron Chartrand), takes a babysitting job in the quiet county of Berkshire to get away for the evening. Unfortunately for her, within almost no time at all she is attacked by several home invaders and must fight to keep herself alive as well as the children she is watching.

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Richelle Charkot: What sets Berkshire County apart from other home invasion movies?

Alysa King: I think Berkshire County is a very smartly written and shot film. On the surface it is another 'home invasion movie', but dig a little deeper and you realize that there is so much more there. The writer (Chris Gamble) and director (Audrey Cummings) really took their time to create and develop a three-dimensional lead character with a fantastic journey that people would really care about. They also incorporated many visual and topical references. There's a lot of symbolism for those who are willing to watch the film with a keen eye.

RC: For me, home invasion movies will always be one of the most terrifying sub-genres of horror. What is the scariest sub-genre for you, and why?

AK: I'm going to agree with you on that one, haha! Home invasion movies are terrifying because unlike a possessed clown (as scary as that might be), they do and have happened to people in real life, often at random and unpredictable times. Serial killer movies also really freak me out because, again, they exist in real life and could potentially be your neighbour.


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Photo from Berkshire County: NarrowEdge Productions

RC: Tell me about your earliest experience with a horror movie.

AK: I can't remember the first horror movie I ever watched because I have seen so many! I'm guessing my first experience with horror would've been the TV show Are You Afraid Of The Dark? or Tales from the Crypt, but I've seen them all, haha! I grew up in a small town and there wasn't much to do. So, on the weekends my friends and I would go to the local video store to rent horror movies and have a sleepover. We would watch all these terrible old movies and by the end of the night we were laughing our heads off while simultaneously being scared and forcing everyone to sleep with the lights on.

RC: Something I loved about Berkshire County are the smart and subtle moments of symbolism and references to fairy tales, which are so often scarier than most horror films in the circuit right now. What do you think is one of the most terrifying fairy tales, and why?

AK: I found Hansel and Gretel pretty creepy as a child. I have a younger brother, so I think I found it creepy because I could imagine being lost in the forest with him and how terrifying that would be.

RC: What is the best present you've ever received?

A puppy. I've gotten this present twice. On my fifth birthday and on my 26th birthday. I love dogs. It's like getting the gift of unconditional love and companionship, how great is that?

RC: Berkshire County is definitely a very female-centric horror film, with the female characters being pushed into the forefront and refusing to fall victim to any sort of stereotypical character type. What is your opinion when people refer to horror as a sexist genre?

AK: There has definitely been a great amount of sexism in the genre, from women being victims to gratuitous nudity, et cetera. That is undeniable. The great thing about horror is that it has no bounds and therefore has the ability to take those stereotypes and turn them on their heads (if the filmmaker chooses to do so).


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Photo from Berkshire County: NarrowEdge Productions

RC: Although Kylie's situation at the beginning of the film is very specific (and very horrible), something that struck me is that she reminded me so much of what it felt to be seventeen. What about Kylie do you think is relatable to young people?

AK: Cyber-bullying is a huge problem these days, and I think Kylie's experience with cyber-bullying (and bullying in general) is relatable for most young people.

RC: What kind of music do you think Kylie would listen to?

AK: She definitely would love anything by Twirl on the Berkshire soundtrack. (They're amazing.) Probably something with feminine angst. In my teenage years, it would've been Avril Lavigne or Alanis Morissette.

RC: What scene did you have the most fun doing during Berkshire County?

AK: The scene where Marcus shows up and picks up Kylie in his car. I had a really hard time keeping it together because Aaron Chartrand is such a fantastic actor and was cracking me up.

RC: You're in charge of a drive-in double feature next Halloween. What two horror flicks do you screen?

Probably the classic and hilarious Evil Dead and the more modern and scary I Know What You Did Last Summer.


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