A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989) finishes the tale of Alice, the Dream Master. The Dream Warriors introduced the origin tale of Freddy’s mother being a nun who got trapped with (and gang-raped by) 100 maniacs at the asylum. The Dream Child drills this point home and while introducing the nifty idea that Freddy is using the dreams of Alice’s unborn child to gather victims, quickly bogs down with a “free the spirit of Freddy’s mother” errand. Director Stephen Hopkins (Blown Away) handles the task competently, but the thrill is rapidly fading. The stylish Escher finale is almost strong enough to merit watching the film, but there is a lot of horseshit along the way. This film suffered hefty cuts by the MPAA ratings board and while the footage was reinstated for the initial laserdisc release, only the censored version has appeared on DVD and now this Blu-ray release continues the disappointment.

Memorable Freddy Quotes:

Freddy is reborn via demon baby and stands upon the altar to loudly exclaim “It’s a boy!”

Freddy, disguised as Dan, fails to catch his son and quips “Kids, always a… disappointment.”

Best Kill:

Krueger turns into a motorcycle that attacks its rider in a sequence heavily edited by the MPAA.

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