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“Waiter, there’s an eyeball on my plate”. You can’t imagine anyone ever saying that at a restaurant. If they did, it would probably be greeted by looks of disgust and a quickly-removed plate. During FOX’s ‘Falling Skies Alien Feast’ last Tuesday, however, that became common tongue (though of course it wasn’t really an eyeball – just an oyster made to look like one.)

The strange – but hats off, hugely inventive and unique – dining experience* was to celebrate the fifth and final season of Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi TV series Falling Skies on FOX, which premieres in the UK on June 30th 9pm – two days after it airs in the US.


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For non-watchers, Falling Skies takes place six months after an alien invasion largely wipes out humanity. Former history professor Tom Mason (ER’s Dr John Carter, Noah Wyle) and Captain Dan Weaver lead a band of survivors across Massachusetts as they face the daily troubles and tribulations of trying to survive in a hostile alien world. The Walking Dead, but with Aliens? Kind of.

Seasons one to three are available in the UK on DVD and Blu-ray with Season four being released on 6th July.

In season five, Falling Skies: The Final Season, the final showdown sees Tom and co – having lost loved ones and at the end of their tether – ready to stand up for humankind and destroy the enemy in a guns-blazing battle to determine the Earth’s fate.

Messhead – the collaboration between PR stunt and campaigns specialist Miss Cakehead (Emma Thomas) and London Mess, a venture from chef Jim Thomlinson offering an inventive take on day-to-day food – successfully delivered the feast fit for fans. 


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As well as the ‘Mucus Skitter Eyeballs’, there was also ‘Volm Venom’, black champagne with a kick, and ‘Grilled Harness’, tiger prawns resembling tiny aliens by looking like they’ve had a fight with tie-dye and lost. The plates were not actually plates, but ripped-up cardboard and silver trays representing ammunition boxes.

Genuine alien models from the show were flown in to decorate the Old Street Roundabout pop-up fish restaurant Prawnography, too.

It was Messhead’s second collaboration with FOX, having fed Londoners the ‘Human Flesh Burger’ – as the name suggests, a burger that apparently** tasted like human flesh  – last year to promote season five of The Walking Dead. 

It’s a neat idea: fun, imaginative and if I can say so myself, rather tasty. I'll be keeping a keen eye out for the next whacky edibles event. After all, Wayward Pines season one is nearly at a close. And it has a lot of death in it.

For more information on Messhead, visit: or

To see what Falling Skies is all about, visit:


**whoever claimed that needs questioning.


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