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Marvel Entertainment has announced a slate of movies that will take them through the year 2020. With any luck we'll be watching Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 as a hologram beamed into our skulls while we zoom through space on jetpacks. While it's going to be awesome to see the likes of Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and the Inhumans on the big screen, there are a few horror titles in Marvel's library that we'd love to see get the feature film treatment. Sure, some of these will probably never happen, but in a world where a film starring a talking raccoon and a walking tree is the biggest money maker at the box office, they might not be that farfetched. I mean, Blade was the first comic book movie in the modern age after all. Then there's Ghost Rider, but that also brings back the memory of Nicolas Cage literally pissing fire. Anyway...


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1. CapWolf – The only logical follow up to Captain America: Civil War is turning the title character into a werewolf...right? Sure, the stuff with Bucky is cool and all, but seeing Chris Evans in werewolf makeup would make for a true summer blockbuster. Taking place in Captain America Volume 1 #402 - #408 published in 1992, the storyline "Man and Wolf" sees super soldier Steve Rogers turned into a lycanthrope after he's injected with a werewolf mutagenic formula by the villain Nightshade. The old Cap is still in there, but his mind is nearly overrun by the animal urges of his new form. It's just as ridiculous as it sounds.


The story guest stars Wolverine, so unless Fox and Disney learn how to play nice, that part would need to be replaced by another Marvel hero, maybe Black Panther, White Tiger, or even Squirrel Girl if we wanted to get crazy. The plot reaches a climax with CapWolf fighting a demonic version of Captain America complete with pointy ears and saw-toothed shield. Steve Rogers eventually receives an antidote and returns to his normal, less furry self, but not before we all learn a valuable lesson about how insane the 1990s were.


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2. Franken-Castle – I could be wrong, but didn't Marvel get the film rights to Punisher back from whatever studio had them before? There have been three Punisher movies to date, each more forgettable than the last. They've starred the likes of Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane, and Ray Stevenson. I assure you that if Marvel were to produce a feature film version of the Franken-Castle storyline, it would be remembered forever.


The basic premise to this book is that Frank Castle is killed by Wolverine's son Daken. No spoilers here. That happens in the very first chapter. Not only is he murdered, but he's cut up into many pieces and left in a dumpster. His remains are then picked up and put back together by Morbius and the Legion of Monsters similar to Mary Shelley's creation but with a robot arm and tubes sticking out of him. He's then tasked with protecting these monsters because someone's been hunting them down, so he's a monster hunter hunter.


This whole thing sounds incredibly cheesy and more than a little ridiculous, but it just works so well. It's a fun story and it would make a terrific B-movie. Can you imagine what it would be like if Marvel got to the point where they were making exploitation-level grindhouse pictures? This could just be the beginning before they dive into their Max line of mature titles, including further Punisher stories...you know, after he gets back to normal.


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3. Morbius – Spinning off Franken-Castle, Marvel could approach Morbius the Living Vampire. Michael Morbius isn't a vampire in the traditional sense. He started out as a Nobel prize-winning biochemist that tried to cure himself of a rare blood disease by using vampire bats and electroshock therapy, and ended up with "pseudo-vampirism." Basically he looks like a deformed vampire with all the powers and only some of the weaknesses. He's bounced around with a number of odd jobs within the Marvel Universe, including a member of A.R.M.O.R. and the Midnight Sons, but he's mainly been a Spider-Man villain. Maybe Morbius can get brought in as a backdoor reboot to the Blade franchise.


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4. Marvel Zombies – What started as a fakeout crossover between the 616 and Ultimate Universes spawned a number of mini-series about a version of Marvel characters that had put aside their differences to focus on one common goal: human flesh. Yes, imagine Spider-Man, Colonel (not Captain) America, and the Hulk ravenously devouring anybody they come into contact with. They still retain their basic personalities and motor skills, however they're overrun by the uncontrollable hunger for brains. Oh, and their bodies are decomposing.


This would definitely be a polar opposite of the blockbuster popcorn movies that have populated Marvel's slate so far, but damn would it be fun. The first mini-series was written by Robert Kirkman, so it definitely has some zombie cred. It eventually spiraled out into increasingly weirder and less funny titles, including a version where a zombie Wasp was reduced to a head and given a robot body. They should probably hold off on that storyline.


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5. Marvel Universe vs. Punisher / Wolverine / The Avengers – Penned by noted horror writer Jonathan Maberry, this series of mini-series show an alternate version of the Marvel Universe that has been ravaged by a plague. No, this isn't a rehash of the Marvel Zombies story. This is far more sinister. In the first title, Marvel Universe vs. the Punisher, Frank Castle is one of the last surviving humans in a New York City that has been torn apart by bloodthirsty former heroes, including the new boss (and patient zero) Spider-Man. The story continued with two more titles further expanding the plague and showing how other characters met their end.


This would be the other side of the Marvel Zombies coin. It would certainly go hand-in-hand with a Franken-Castle movie for one helluva double feature.


Those are five horror titles we think would make for awesome additions to Marvel's slate of upcoming films. What spooky stories from the Marvel Universe do you want to see on the big screen? The Clone Saga doesn't count. That was scary for an entirely different reason.












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