2017 02 13 Valentines Day

5 Horror Comics for Valentine's Day

Written by James Ferguson

With Valentine's Day upon us, you may be wondering what horror comics would be nice to share with your significant other.  There are a surprising amount of titles that mix horror and romance.  Who knew that people would kill for love?  These books feature a relationship that's integral to the story and leads directly to all sorts of bloodshed.

Grim Leaper
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Grim Leaper (Image Comics)

Take Final Destination and mix it with Quantum Leap and you've got Grim Leaper.  Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe and illustrated by Aluisio Santos, the comic follows Lou Collins, a man who is constantly being reincarnated and then dying in increasingly elaborate and crazy ways.  Along the way he meets Ella, who appears to be suffering the same fate.  The two quickly fall for one another, but face the problem of their repeated deaths.  Each time they come back, they try to find each other as fast as possible and do their best to avoid any pratfalls that might lead to their unfortunate and early deaths.

Grim Leaper 01Grim Leaper 02
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Ex Sanguine
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Ex Sanguine (Dark Horse Comics)

A serial killer falls in love with a vampire in this mini-series from Tim Seeley and Joshua Scott Emmons.  If you thought the relationships in True Blood were too normal, this one is for you.  The comic is worth checking out for Seeley's depiction of the vampire alone.  The teeth grow to an enormous size, to the point where they look like that of a sabertooth tiger, bulging out from the guy's mouth.  The jaw extends so much it could bite a man's head clean off.  The dynamic between the two lovers is unique in that they're almost in a competition to decide who is deadlier.

Ex Sanguine 01Ex Sanguine 02Ex Sanguine 03
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Love Stories To Die For Volume 1 Cover
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Love Stories (To Die For) (Devil's Due Entertainment)

This one is pretty obvious.  Writer Dirk Manning helms this anthology showing how love can kill you in more ways than one.  You've got love coming through in a zombie apocalypse, in outer space against alien monsters, and while fighting vampire hordes.  Each tale ends with a unique twist that serves as a perfect closure.  Manning is joined by a bevy of talented artists, each lending a unique style to the book.

Love Stories To Die For Volume 1 01Love Stories To Die For Volume 1 02Love Stories To Die For Volume 1 03
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The Rattler (Image Comics)

Stephen Thorn's fiancée was kidnapped ten years ago and she hasn't been seen or heard from since.  He's never given up hope and refuses to believe that she's dead.  Out of the blue, Stephen hears her voice in a very odd place.  This sends him off the deep end, spiraling more and more out of control in his quest to find the love of his life.  You have to wonder if finding his wife will justify the ever increasing body count.  Artist Greg Hinkle brings such desperation to Stephen.  You really feel for the guy and want him to be right about all this.

Rattler 01Rattler 02Rattler 03
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Girlfiend Cover
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Girlfiend (Dark Horse Comics)

The Pander Brothers' return to comics after ten years in this pulp thriller of a graphic novel about a man and his vampire girlfriend, hunting down criminals to keep her and their love alive.  There are a number of elements at work throughout the book, including the cops and the rest of the vampire pack.  Each thread is woven together to an insane and blood-soaked climax and it's all for love.  My only gripe with the book is that it's only in black-and-white.  This would have been great with some splashes of red, especially with all that blood. 

Girlfiend 01Girlfiend 02Girlfiend 03
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