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The New York City Independent Film Festival strives to honor the spirit of real independent filmmaking: the first-time or first-break creators that are bringing fresh ideas and talent to an industry riddled with cookie-cutter stories and setups. Accepting submissions for features, shorts, horrors, romances, comedies, and everything in between from all over the world, the NYCIFF cultivated an incredible lineup for October 12 - 18, and brought some exceptional work to Manhattan.

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The New York Independent Film Festival brought fresh talent to the horror and sci-fi marketplace. Among them were Helio, written and directed Teddy Cecil. Helio is set in a dystopian city, enclosed from the world in a protective - and imprisoning - dome. The governing body is on a mission to end all questions as to what exists outside the dome, so when a miner is caught with a rebel's contraband by mistake, he has to make a choice to fight or flee. The effects and detail in such a short film are remarkable. Cecil's script never gives too much away, but you're caught up in the breathless story regardless. You can learn more about Helio here.

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Next in the screening was Judith, an English-language short from Italian director Riccardo Brex. As with Helio, subtly is the name of the game in this thrilling tale of revenge and lost love. After her love affair goes sour, heartbroken Judith drives home only to experience a series of alarming and frightening events. As she relives the last days with her lover, she finally comes to realize her horrifying reality.

Une Bonne Affair CoverFivestars

Une Bonne Affaire

Une Bonne Affaire, or The Good Deal, teaches us to be careful what we wish for. Happiest with a good deal, quirky Guillaume collects coupons to fill his otherwise empty life. But when a rival appears and begins to steal Guillaume's thunder, he takes drastic action. His choices quickly spiral out of control until he reaches a climax he wasn't ready for. French director Denis Larzilliere creates a cautionary tale with this funny and frenetic short.

La Isla De La Muerte Negra CoverFourandahalfstars

La Island de la Muerta Negra

If Douglas Adams and Stanley Kubrick wrote a comedy horror short, you'd have La Island de la Muerta Negra. Chaotic, bizarre, and hilarious, this "Guide for Tourists" is an 11-minute romp through the disturbing tropical paradise with murderous flora and fauna at every turn. Writer Tyler Russo compiles a perfect collection of stock footage to accompany his manic script. Check out the full video below:

Looking forward to more from these rising filmmakers!

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