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Halloween is just around the corner and even though you might get Doorbells at Dusk after that great holiday, you'll be put right back in the spirit once you crack it open. In her review, Jennifer said Doorbells at Dusk is " amazing anthology with a lot of fun and original stories that might make you leave the lights on at bedtime." You can't go wrong with that!

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Carve your pumpkins and turn on the porch light, Halloween frights begin with the sound of… Doorbells at Dusk. But first, before we get ahead of ourselves, peek at the beautifully artistic cover for this anthology and learn the title and contributors! It's enough to make you want to fast forward to Fall isn't it?


After the successful release of the three-volume Bad Apples: Slices of Halloween Horror anthology series, co-creators Evans Light, Adam Light, Gregor Xane and Jason Parent of Corpus Press were driven by their love of the haunting season to use everything they'd learned to create the ultimate collection of Halloween tales.


An open call was made in autumn of 2017. Hundreds of submissions later, Corpus Press is pleased to present the perfect mix of haunted tales: Doorbells at Dusk. The evocative cover artwork revealed here was created by Mikio Murakami, whose talent has graced Shock Totem magazine along with the covers of many albums and books.


"While the Bad Apples: Slices of Halloween Horror series pushed boundaries with a unique mixture of grotesquely shocking and traditional horror, the dark fiction selections within Doorbells at Dusk were chosen for wider appeal, exceptional storytelling and a thoroughly Halloween feel," said Evans Light, editor of Doorbells at Dusk.


Doorbells at Dusk is a treasury of brand-new short stories from both modern masters and rising stars of dark fiction, covering a gamut of horror, literary fiction and suspense that is sure to thrill both horror aficionados and casual readers alike.


Contributors include: Josh Malerman, Lisa Lepovetsky, Chad Lutzke, Amber Fallon, Curtis M. Lawson, Sean Eads, Joshua Viola, Ian Welke, Charles Gramlich, Joanna Koch and Thomas Vaughn, along with contributions from Evans Light, Adam Light, Gregor Xane and Jason Parent. Watch as their story titles, bios, and more are revealed one-by-one on the Corpus Press Facebook page soon!


Doorbells at Dusk is THE Halloween Anthology for the Year


Halloween has always gone hand-in-hand with horror. The holiday gives many children their first taste of terror, the discovery and overcoming of fears. For those who find they love a good scare, that first taste can grow into a voracious appetite.


That might be why you're looking at this book right now. If so, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find the thrills you crave, packed into a collection of stories that are pure Halloween.


Carve your pumpkins and turn on the porch light, the night of frights begins with the sound of…Doorbells at Dusk.

Doorbells At Dusk Cover
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Doorbells At Dusk Cover
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