• The Crucifixion

    The Crucifixion delivers great visuals, but adds nothing to the possession subgenre.

  • Blanky

    Wiith Blanky, Kealan Patrick Burke explores impossible horrors and some that are too real.

  • The Ridge

    John Rector brings together the best of horror, science fiction, and mysteries in The Ridge.

  • The Warblers

    With The Warblers, Amber Fallon cements herself as one of the strongest voices in the newest generation of weird horror fiction authors.

  • A Collection of Nightmares

    In A Collection of Nightmares, Christina Sng delivers outstanding tales of horror and apocalypse via poetry.

  • The Lucky Ones Died First

    Jack Bantry breathes new life into splatterpunk with a fiesty take on a cryptozoological classic.

  • School's Out

    With School's Out, Brian Keene does it again, and offers an extra emotional punch.

  • A Soundless Dawn

    Dustin LaValley delivers a satisfying collection of short tales that go beyond the confines of horror.

  • The Fourth Monkey

    J.D. Barker delivers a solid, satisfying serial killer narrative in The Fourth Monkey.

  • Nights of the Living Dead

    Nights of the Living Dead is a superb celebration of all things undead.

  • Black Mad Wheel

    Josh Malerman delivers the goods once again with a creepy, unique tale in Black Mad Wheel.

  • Rupture

    Rupture mixes science fiction and horror and ends up satisfying fans of neither.

  • Starr Creek

    Nathan Carson delivers a weird, wonderful debut with Starr Creek.

  • Terra Insanus

    Edward Lee is much more than the king of hardcore horror, and Terra Insanus is proof of that.

  • A Dark Song

    A Dark Song is eerie, strangely beautiful, and bizarre.

  • Chupacabra Territory

    Chupacabra Territory is a hot, flat, uninspired mess.

  • The Bye Bye Man

    The Bye Bye Man is even worse that its silly name suggests.

  • The Tribe

    As a post-apocalytic thriller, The Tribe delivers a decent amount of tension but very little apocalypse.

  • Raw

    Visually stunning, tense, weird, and wonderfully gory at times, Raw offers a tasty morsel to film lovers who aren't afraid of keeping it strange and cannibalistic.

  • VooDoo

    Despite a good dose of gore and some great imagery, VooDoo is another forgettable found footage film.

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