• Our Evil

    Serial killers, exorcisms, clowns, the supernatural... this ambitious and chilling Brazilian horror has a bit of everything to kickstart your festive horror viewing.

  • The Unraveling

    Will this stag-trip in the woods horror come unraveled?

  • Where the Skin Lies

    Will the Boucheries' first feature get under Joel's skin?

  • Redwood

    Joel goes down to the woods and gets a very big surprise.

  • Killing Ground

    Camping trips. Just... no.

  • Mountain Fever

    It's always the last people on Earth who are the dangerous ones...

  • Cold Hell

    Literal chills in Stefan Ruzowitzky's Cold Hell.

  • Blood Shed

    From the Frightfest Short Film Showcase, Blood Shed.

  • Terror of Hallow's Eve

    Back to the 80s for The Terror of Hallow's Eve

  • Terror of Hallow's Eve - Todd Tucker Interview

    Ahead of its world premiere at Frightfest, we sit down with director Todd Tucker.

  • The Villainess

    From Frightfest 2017, the UK premiere of The Villainess

  • Top Knot Detective

    Ryan was completely fooled by this outlandish mockumentary, but he's not even a little bit mad. Find out why he wants this over-the-top 90's Japanese samurai TV show to be a reality. 

  • Still/Born

    A chilling tale where a new mother has more than just raising a child to worry about

  • Nightworld

    Robert Englund helps Jason London with malevolent forces in his basement. 

  • Sequence Break

    Boy meets girl, boy has erotic encounters with an arcade machine, horror ensues.  

  • Diane

    An unassumingly gripping story about love, obsession, murder and the supernatural.

  • Inside

    Miguel Angel Vivas' remake of the French cult classic is a brave and bold move. But does it pay off?

  • Mansfield 66/67

    Satanism, the occult and a fatal curse. Who knew Jayne Mansfield's life was so genre-worthy?

  • Mayhem

    File under R for relentless.

  • Eat Locals

    From Dusk Till Dawn with a very British flavour

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