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  • Calla Cthulhu

    Calla Cthulhu

    A coming-of-age tale about a green-haired girl with ties to Lovecraftian monsters. Read More
  • Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack Recording

    Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack Recording

    The Sacred Bones reissue of David Lynch and Alan R. Splet's dark-ambient masterpiece is an essential purchase for fans of the genre. Read More
  • Abode


    A psychologically damaged narrator recalls his tragic childhood in a haunted house. Read More
  • Let's Get Monster Smashed: Horror Movie Drinks for a Killer Time

    Let's Get Monster Smashed: Horror Movie Drinks for a Killer Time

    Karin and Danielle Joy crack open the bottles as they make some recipes from Jon and Marc Chaiet's Let's Get Monster Smashed. Read More
  • Dark Ark #1

    Dark Ark #1

    It’s Noah’s Ark, but with monsters. What more do you need? Read More
  • Funny Book Splatter 028: Jim Zub

    Funny Book Splatter 028: Jim Zub

    James speaks with the writer of Wayward and Glitterbomb. Read More
  • The House #6

    The House #6

    Harker's backstory is revealed, albeit in a somewhat confusing manner. Read More
  • Babyteeth #3

    Babyteeth #3

    Things get crazier for young Sadie and her little baby Antichrist. Read More
  • Damage Inc #1

    Damage Inc #1

    The '90s are here in full force as this inept bounty hunting team meets their match. Read More
  • Aphotic Realm Volume 01:

    Aphotic Realm Volume 01: "Apparitions"

    Issue one of a wide-ranging collection of short stories and interviews delving into the world of weird fiction. Read More
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Latest News

  • Transdimensional #2 Hits Kickstarter +

    The sci-fi / horror mini-series from TPub Comics continues through the crowd-funding platform. Read More
  • Evolution Just Became My Most Anticipated Series of the Year +

    New series from Image Comics & Skybound unites a dream team of creators. Read More
  • The Demon Rises Again This November +

    DC Comics announces a new mini-series starring Jason Blood and Etrigan the Demon. Read More
  • Vampires Fight Climate Change in Dark Fang +

    New series from Image Comics has a vampire fighting the fossil fuel industry so she can keep eating people. Read More
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