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  • Dead of Winter #2

    Dead of Winter #2

    Stop me if you've heard this one. A dog, a drunk mall Santa, and a zombie walk into a bar... Read More
  • The Ridge

    The Ridge

    John Rector brings together the best of horror, science fiction, and mysteries in The Ridge. Read More
  • The Warblers

    The Warblers

    With The Warblers, Amber Fallon cements herself as one of the strongest voices in the newest generation of weird horror fiction authors. Read More
  • Nightmares


    Zig is having trouble sleeping. Read More
  • A Collection of Nightmares

    A Collection of Nightmares

    In A Collection of Nightmares, Christina Sng delivers outstanding tales of horror and apocalypse via poetry. Read More
  • The Lucky Ones Died First

    The Lucky Ones Died First

    Jack Bantry breathes new life into splatterpunk with a fiesty take on a cryptozoological classic. Read More
  • The Exorcist III

    The Exorcist III

    Your prayers are answered with this long awaited title. Read More
  • TIFF 2017: Downrange

    TIFF 2017: Downrange

    It’s got a lot of gore… but that’s it. Read More
  • Firestarter


    Zig encourages children to play with matches. Read More
  • Redlands #2

    Redlands #2

    A supernatural True Detective with a bit of Silence of the Lambs thrown in. Read More
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Latest News

  • Witchblade Returns in December from Top Cow Productions +

    Caitlin Kittredge and Roberta Ingranata bring the ancient artifact back with a new host. Read More
  • Hellboy Gets the Omnibus Treatment in 2018 +

    Dark Horse Comics to collect every Hellboy comic in four massive volumes in chronological order. Read More
  • Athena Voltaire Returns in Pulp Tales This November +

    Action Lab Entertainment to release collection of black-and-white illustrated prose stories starring the famed adventuress. Read More
  • Justin Jordan Returns to AfterShock with Backways +

    Upcoming comic with artist Eleonora Carlini explores the dark forgotten spaces of the world. Read More
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