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  • November 2017 MunchPak Unboxing

    November 2017 MunchPak Unboxing

    Another unboxing from Steve? And so soon? It's your lucky day. Read More
  • The Blessed Ones

    The Blessed Ones

    Dying in the desert sounds better to me. Read More
  • Graveland #3

    Graveland #3

    The battle rages on as Los Angeles prepares for an onslaught from monsters. Read More
  • Funny Book Splatter 045: Frank Martin

    Funny Book Splatter 045: Frank Martin

    This week's guest is the writer of the anthology series Modern Testament. Read More
  • Gravetrancers #1

    Gravetrancers #1

    This new gateway drug comes right from the grave. Read More
  • No. 1 with a Bullet #2

    No. 1 with a Bullet #2

    This book is so relevant today and so friggin' unsettling. Read More
  • Jared Rivet's Five Favorite

    Jared Rivet's Five Favorite "Dark Ceremony" Music Cues

    The writer of Jackals stops by for a guest post, plus there's a link to a very cool giveaway! Read More
  • Hallows Fell

    Hallows Fell

    A trip through the scenic countryside turns deadly. Read More
  • Goblin


    Small town weirdness with the enigmatic Josh Malerman. Read More
  • Graveland #1 & #2

    Graveland #1 & #2

    If the Re-Animator created Captain America to fight the monsters from Pacific Rim, you'd have Graveland. Read More
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  • Sheet Music to My Acoustic Nightmare Now Out +

    Stephanie M. Wytovich's latest poetry collection has been released. Read More
  • Cult Classic Rebranded to Return to Whisper +

    Upcoming shared universe horror series from Vault Comics gets a rebranding. Read More
  • Comet TV's December 2017 Lineup +

    There's a Freaky Feast Movie Marathon coming your way. Read More
  • The Houses October Built 2 Arrives on Blu-ray and DVD +

    Look for it early next year. Read More
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