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  • The Fury

    The Fury

    The Fury is both exciting and cringe inducing. Read More
  • Danger Doll Squad #2

    Danger Doll Squad #2

    This series is like Tron, but with boobs. Read More
  • The Red Room and Other Tales

    The Red Room and Other Tales

    A new dark fiction collection, Brazilian style. Read More
  • Meridian


    Zig clutches his pearls while watching this one. Read More
  • Heavenly Blues #4

    Heavenly Blues #4

    The heist really gets going and it's pretty friggin' cool. Read More
  • Witch Creek Road #2

    Witch Creek Road #2

    Friday the 13th meets Junji Ito in this indie comic. Read More
  • Funny Book Splatter 041: Tim Seeley & Stephen Molnar

    Funny Book Splatter 041: Tim Seeley & Stephen Molnar

    It's a twofer! James speaks with the creative team behind Imaginary Fiends from Vertigo. Read More
  • Shock Value: Giallo Anthology

    Shock Value: Giallo Anthology

    A wide variety of slasher-style stories, although some make more sense than others. Read More
  • Evolution #1

    Evolution #1

    Humanity evolved millions of years in a week. Now what? Read More
  • Rise of the Harvester: Book One

    Rise of the Harvester: Book One

    Get ready to meet your new favorite serial killer. Read More
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  • For a Few Zombies More Unleashed Tomorrow +

    Crewless Productions' latest film can be streamed on Amazon starting tomorrow. Read More
  • Exclusive Clip from Attack of the Killer Donuts +

    We have a new scene from the film! Read More
  • IT Arrives Next Month +

    Invite your favorite clown into your home in December. Read More
  • Day of the Dead Reimagining Coming +

    The official relase date has been announced for Day of the Dead: Bloodline. Read More
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