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  • Babyteeth #5

    Babyteeth #5

    Giving birth to the Antichrist was the least of Sadie's problems. Read More
  • Wrapped Up #1

    Wrapped Up #1

    Meet Milo Mummy, the undead Bart Simpson. Read More
  • Funny Book Splatter 037: Mina Elwell

    Funny Book Splatter 037: Mina Elwell

    James chats with the writer of the Lovecraftian horror comic, InferNoct. Read More
  • Midnighters


    From the Raindance Film Festival, Ren reviews Midnighters. Read More
  • The Unraveling

    The Unraveling

    Will this stag-trip in the woods horror come unraveled? Read More
  • Lazaretto #2

    Lazaretto #2

    Get our your Purell. You're going to need it after reading this comic. Read More
  • My First Experience with Horror

    My First Experience with Horror

    Ryan Fassett, the co-writer of the Modern Dread anthology comic shares his first run-in with the genre. Read More
  • The Crucifixion

    The Crucifixion

    The Crucifixion delivers great visuals, but adds nothing to the possession subgenre. Read More
  • Twisted Showcase - Muscle Memory

    Twisted Showcase - Muscle Memory

    Season 4 Episode 2 of Twisted Showcase is here. Watch now. Read More
  • Twenty First Century Horror Films

    Twenty First Century Horror Films

    A new guide for the new century. Read More
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  • DC House of Horror #1: Exclusive Preview +

    Check out a sneak peek at next week's special horror-filled one-shot from DC Comics. Read More
  • ComixTribe Teases Wailing Blade +

    Rich Douek and Joe Mulvey working on new dystopian horror fantasy series. Read More
  • MANTRA - Episode One +

    If Resident Evil and Myst had a baby and it came out in a Super Nintendo cartridge looking like Minecraft, you would have MANTRA. Read More
  • New Clip from Escape Room +

    The clip coms just ahead of the film being released. Read More
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