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  • Funny Book Splatter 050: Pat Shand

    Funny Book Splatter 050: Pat Shand

    James speaks with the writer of Breathless, coming in March from Black Mask Studios. Read More
  • Ice Cream Man #1

    Ice Cream Man #1

    That ice cream van has to be full of dead bodies, right? Read More
  • Belle: Beast Hunter #1

    Belle: Beast Hunter #1

    This is not the tale as old as time you were thinking of. Read More
  • Witchblade #2

    Witchblade #2

    Imagine The Shield, but with supernatural monsters. Read More
  • The Exorcist - Live

    The Exorcist - Live

    May the power of the theatre compel you... Read More
  • Ragman #4

    Ragman #4

    Our hero fights an enemy best described as an undead mix between a mummy and a clown. Read More
  • Steve's Horror Favorites of 2017

    Steve's Horror Favorites of 2017

    As usual, I'm later than most with my 2017 list. I WAS BUSY, OKAY! Read More
  • Knock and You Will See Me

    Knock and You Will See Me

    Soon the dead come a knocking. Read More
  • The Damned #7

    The Damned #7

    The most fun you'll have with a dead body since Weekend at Bernie's. Read More
  • 68 Kill

    68 Kill

    So many good reasons to watch this one. Read More
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  • Evil Dead - Revision +

     All the groovy goodness of the Evil Dead Trilogy condensed into 72 minutes. Read More
  • Comet TV's January 2018 Lineup +

    Witches, wizards, mummies and Poe. Comet TV's January lineup is filled with fun. Read More
  • Itty Bitty Hellboy Gets Skelton Crew Studio Treatment +

    The Maine-based studio is creating a statue on the adorable comic series from Art Baltazar and Franco. Read More
  • Jughead: The Hunger #3 Exclusive Preview +

    Archie Comics shares an exclusive sneak peek at the next issue of the awesome werewolf series. Read More
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