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We brought you an interview with Pollyanna McIntosh recently, discussing a few details of her latest film, White Settlers. Now, Not a Number Productions has unveiled the first look at the international sales poster for the film, complete with a quote from HorrorTalk. A couple of our writers were fortunate enough to attend the cast and crew screening, but we will have to keep a full review under wraps until after the film shows at Cannes. The poster design is courtesy of our very own design genius Ilan Sheady. Top work, that man!


The film is about a couple who move away to their perfect country home, only to find everything isn't quite as it seems, and they're certainly not welcome in their new abode. Its a cracking suspense thriller and judging by reactions at the cast and crew screening last week, it would seem that the film succeeded in keeping many on the edge of their seats.


Director Simeon Halligan said "Here's the first look at the international sales poster for new UK suspense thriller WHITE SETTLERS. Brought to you from the makers of SPLINTERED and the team behind Grimmfest, suspense thriller WHITE SETTLERS stars Pollyanna Macintosh (The Woman) & Lee Williams.


The film's next stop is a special market screening on the 16th May in Cannes, where international buyers and festival organisers will get a chance to check out the film for the first time. The film is being sold by AV pictures, now Metrodome International."


We'll keep you updated with the film's progress. 


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